New! Street Sweeping Alerts for San Francisco Drivers

In San Francisco alone, drivers paid over $29 million in street sweeping ticket fines in 2011. That sucks. So we decided to do something about it.

Introducing street sweeping alerts from Metromile. Starting as a pilot in San Francisco (with more cities to come), these useful alerts will hopefully ensure that you never get a street sweeping ticket again. You just need to be a Metromile customer to take advantage of this.

Here’s how street sweeping alerts work: when you park in a zone where street sweeping will take place within 12 hours, we’ll send you a heads-up (via push notification and email) telling you when you need to move your car. We’ll also send a reminder one hour before street sweeping begins. You can forget all about deciphering those complicated signs and just lock the door and go, knowing that Metromile has your back.

We hope you enjoy this new feature, Metromilers! It’s just one of a whole bunch of exciting developments headed your way.