Settings & Sharing update on Android

Our Android app now has Settings & Sharing!

What cool features are included?

1. Set notifications for street sweeping and DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes) in 3 ways: push alerts via the app, SMS, and email.

2. Set your preferred fuel type* for more accurate Fuel Cost calculations.

3. Request a data export via the app; the CSV file will then be available for download in your online dashboard.

4. Add a photo of your beloved car under Settings.

5. Your VIN* (vehicle identification number) will show in Settings if available (about 60% of cars will be able to share this via the OBDII port).

6. Sharing! You can share just about everything from the app: Trips, Street Sweeping alerts, DTCs, Car Location, potential Insurance Savings, and the app itself. Just look for the sharing symbol in the upper right corner.

In case our iOS users didn’t know, these features are all available on our iOS app too.

Update your Android app to version 1.1.1 today!

* Not all car makes/models may have this info (varies by manufacturer)