Metronome Safety Precautions

In today’s era of the “connected car”, various devices, specifically OBD-II readers, are in the market touting ways to make your driving life easier. Just because they all plug into the same port doesn’t mean they all do the same things.

Most log miles, monitor fuel consumption, and decode to “check engine” lights. The differences come in the other features provided by each company. Whereas others assess driving behavior and give users a score of judgement, Metromile doesn’t bother with this type of scrutiny. We focus on using measured miles to deploy pay-per-mile insurance; your behavior is not tracked at all by the device to determine risk. We also provide street sweeping alerts (in San Francisco and Chicago) so drivers can avoid those costly tickets.

Software programs (firmware) enable these feature differences, and like any software, security precautions can be put in place to safeguard the integrity of information and prevent abuse.

Recently, telematics devices from Progressive and Zubie have come under scrutiny for being susceptible to being exploited because they rely on unsigned firmware updates being downloaded in the clear.

With Progressive specifically, researchers at Florida-based Digital Bond Labs say they have uncovered major problems the SnapShot device that Progressive Insurance uses to measure the driving habits of participating customers. By reverse-engineering the device, they gained access to a network that allows control of critical vehicle functions, like steering, braking and throttle inputs. The SnapShot device has been used in more than two million vehicles since 2008 – that makes a lot of cars open to hacking.

We’ve been asked if a similar loophole exists in our security protocol and we want to reiterate that, at Metromile, we take the security of our products and services very seriously. Our telematics device, the Metronome, is not susceptible to the type of exploits tested on Progressive’s SnapShot device since both firmware and configuration updates to the Metronome are done via encrypted channels and all downloaded artifacts are digitally signed.

Connected telematics devices such as our Metronome are powerful because data is accessed to measure and simplify many aspects of driving and owning a car. We firmly believe in implementing security protocols to ensure the safety of your personal data and defend against any attacks.

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  1. Well…. stumbled across Metromile’s add somewhere, clicked to check it out, tongue in cheek, I couldn’t really believe what I was reading, cause it made way too much sense, and in this day and age of thieving buracrats digging in your pockets, fake government unemployment figures, un-affordable healthcare being crammed down our throats… I was left scratching my head, asking myself… WHY would an insurance company launch a program, designed to save drivers money for not driving…? Why not just scoop up the gravy…? I just could absorb that this was legit..! So I said… "why not just give it a shot, and see what happens…!" I previously owned a 07 Toyota Camry SE, over 4 years, barely put 20,000 miles on it. That is very little driving..! Yet the entire 4 years paying on average about $117 to $125 per month. So I signed up with Metromile, for more than DOUBLE the coverage I had with GEICO, (who by the way, pristine driving record, never offered to lower my rates..!) Same deductible, more benefits… and the base amount was only… get this $47.00 + .07 cents a mile..! I had to double check the information cause I thought, there was NO WAY that’s for Full Coverage of my 2013 Dodge Durango… So I called MM customer service, to verify the quote, spoke a really nice young man, who verified the quote, answered several of my additional questions. Put all my concerns at rest… so I finished the application and hit submit..! Received my unit a few days after, plugged it right in, no problem. Had fun looking up my stats in the Lab, on my PC and my Android app… thought it was really cool, and was right in line with what I knew my truck was getting in the way of mileage, but MM has all these cool graphs and statistics, plus it reads any Vehicle Health Issues or codes that may come up. My truck is fairly new so no issues there, but I was watching my fuel consumption very closely and MM was awesome for tracking those expenses for me..! Then come the and of the month… I get this notice that my "Payment of $60.03" was about to be charged on my card… I almost fell out of my chair, THAT IS HALF what I was pay GEICO for way LESS coverage..!!! So being the social person that I am, I start bragging about my savings to most of my friends, who thought I was joking till I should them what I used to pay GEICO before, and what I am paying now… WOW…. They couldn’t Google Metromile fast enough..!!! Lol… All I got to say, I am here for the long haul…! You keep saving me money and I will keep spreading the word..!

    Bill Reeves
    Downey, CA

    1. Hi Bill,

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience! We love hearing customer stories.

      Happy Driving,

      Team Metromile

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