2016 Year in Review

2016 was a big year for us here at Metromile. From acquiring an insurance company to launching our in-house claims service, we found many new ways to provide fair and seamless insurance for our customers. Here’s a glimpse of what the year looked like for the Metromile community.


Average Miles Driven
According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, the average American drives 13,476 miles each year. Metromile customers in major cities drive an average of 6,000 miles each year, less than half of the national average! Here’s a breakdown:
Seattle- 4,481 miles
San Francisco- 5,443 miles
Chicago- 5,691 miles
Portland, Ore.- 5,720 miles
Los Angeles- 5,905 miles
Oakland, Calif.- 6,239 miles
Philadelphia- 6,329 miles
San Jose, Calif.- 6,980 miles
San Diego- 6,998 miles (more…)

Metromile Introduces New Automated Claims Service

We recently shared the good news that Metromile had acquired an insurance carrier, enabling us to manage the entire claims process from start to finish. The good news keeps coming — our new and improved claims service is already here! This includes our automated claims tool that gives many customers the option of filing their claim online without ever talking to someone on the phone.


In the event that a Metromile insurance customer needs to file a claim, the entire process will be much more seamless. Our brand new claims tool uses data and automation to reduce the pain points of traditional insurance. Unlike other major insurance companies that only allow you to start the beginning of a claim online, our customers can file everything right from their online dashboard or mobile phone. Also unique is our claims algorithm that dynamically serves questions depending on the situation, making sure the experience is streamlined and tailored to you.

We understand the importance of getting claims filed quickly and fairly. Customers can opt-in to use data provided from their Metromile Pulse device to expedite the claims process. Qualified claims can even be resolved and paid out within hours.

We’ve also updated our glass and roadside assistance. You can now instantly make a request from our app or online dashboard. If you are requesting roadside assistance, you can even track where your tow truck is in real time.

While we pride ourselves on being a tech-forward company, there are plenty of talented people working behind the scenes. Our claims team is comprised of people with over 200 combined years of experience at major insurance companies. Even though the whole claim can be filed online, customers will still have a dedicated claims representative to ensure everything is done quickly and fairly. We’ll do whatever it takes to get our customers back on the road as soon as possible.

Metromile Honored as a Best Place to Work in 2017

We are excited to share that Metromile is among the winners of the annual Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Awards, a list of the Best Places to Work in 2017!

This is such an honor for us because the award was determined entirely by those that know us best, our employees. To determine the winners of the awards, Glassdoor evaluates all company reviews shared by employees over the past year. We were included as sixth on the list of small and medium-sized companies (less than 1,000 employees) and the only car insurance company represented.


Metromile rates highly on Glassdoor with 4.7 out of 5 stars from more than 40 reviews. 94 percent of people would recommend working for Metromile, 99 percent have a positive business outlook and 100 percent approve of the CEO, Dan Preston. Some of the reasons why Metromile ranks so highly include smart and motivated colleagues, transparent leadership, unique and groundbreaking products and great benefits. We work hard to not only create fiercely loyal customers, but also fiercely loyal employees. This award is evidence that our efforts are working!

Interested in working for Metromile? Check out our Job Board at www.metromile.com/jobs.

Exciting News: Metromile Announces $191.5M in Funding

We’ve been a little silent on the news front lately but it’s because we’ve been building up to this announcement. Today, we are thrilled to announce $191.5 million in funding, bringing our total capital raised to $205.5 million. Investors like Intact Financial, CPIC, Index Ventures, New Enterprise Associates (NEA), First Round Capital, Mitsui, SV Angel, Metromile Founder and Chairman David Friedberg and well-known entrepreneur Mark Cuban participated in our recent financing events.


We’ll use the money to fuel growth initiatives, advance nationwide expansion and acquire an insurance carrier. Yep, you read that correctly- Metromile has acquired an insurance carrier meaning that we will underwrite our own policies and manage the entire claims process from start to finish, providing our customers a faster, more fair and seamless claims experience.

Metromile is licensed nationwide but as of today, we’re underwriting policies in NJ, OR and PA, and will underwrite policies in CA, IL, VA and WA in the coming weeks. If you’re a customer, you’ll be able to take advantage of this when your policy renews (we’ll send a note as this time approaches). With the new and improved claims experience, if a customer needs to file a claim, they will have a dedicated claims representative to ensure the claim gets filed quickly and fairly. Our claims team is comprised of industry experts with over 200 combined years of experience at major insurance companies, with both extensive knowledge of best practices as well as innovative plans to improve the experience. As a technology-driven company, we’ll also be introducing new updates and features that will continuously improve the experience.

Now that the cats out of the bag, you can expect to hear more from us as we focus on rapid state expansion in the coming year. Sign up for our waitlist if you would like to be notified when we arrive in your state! To see more announcements from Metromile, visit our Press page. And if you are interested in our pay-per-mile insurance offering, you can learn more here.

Introducing the New Metromile Dashboard

At Metromile, we believe that car insurance should never be a hassle. We even go the extra mile to make car ownership simple and seamless, with an app that has helpful features like street sweeping alerts and a car locator. Now, we are introducing a totally redesigned dashboard that makes it easier than ever to access the information you care about the most.


Get a quick snapshot of your balance and trips.

If you are currently a Metromile customer, just log-in and your new dashboard will be waiting for you. At first glance, you’ll see your current balance, miles driven and overview of miles per day. If you have a bill that is due, you’ll also see that information, as well as a button that allows you to pay with one click. It’s never fun to pay bills, so we wanted to make it as painless as possible! Scroll down and you can view your car’s location and recent trips. If you have multiple cars on your policy, you will see information broken down by vehicle.


Better understand your bill.

Want to get more detailed? Head to the new “billing” section, where you will see a graph that correlates daily mileage with your bill. You’ll also see a list of the trips you’ve taken in your billing cycle. Click on a date and an interactive map will appear, giving a visual snapshot of a day’s worth of driving. Again, if you have multiple vehicles on your policy, you can easily toggle between them to view detailed information for each. Now, you can see how each trip affects how much you pay. You might even be inspired to make adjustments to your commute to save more money!


Easily access policy information.

In the “policy” section, you’ll see an overview of all of your insurance information. This has everything you could ever want to know about your policy and is also where you can access policy documents and your proof of insurance card. We wanted to add some fun to typically stagnant insurance information, so you’ll see a customizable avatar and illustration of your car (you can even pick the color).

The best part is that we’re only getting started. We have a lot of exciting updates in the coming months, so if you aren’t yet a Metromile customer, make sure to get a quote now so you can take advantage of everything we have in store!

Metromile Launches Pay-Per-Step Walking Insurance

Research has shown that our signature pay-per-mile car insurance offering has customers ditching their cars, many for their own two feet. Today, we’ve announced a new insurance offering to cover you from the disasters you could potentially face on foot: walking insurance.

Metromile’s walking insurance functions through its new smart walking app: the Metromile Pace. Several factors will be considered when creating your unique per-step rate, including broken bone history, clumsiness score and type of walking shoes.

Customers who sign up for the Metromile Pace will be covered in the event of:

  • Being caught in an unexpected rainstorm
  • Losing footing, tripping or falling
  • Worn out socks and shoes
  • Emergency walk-side assistance
  • And more!

It’s time to toss your pedometers! Users will see increased benefits with the walking insurance feature, including tracking number of steps, miles logged, shoe health and more. We’re especially excited about the “Walk Much?” feature that is able to gauge fall severity based on impact and immediately alerts emergency operators.

We’re offering a safe-walker discount for walkers who commit to not walk-and-text, use the handrail when available, and follow the safe route recommended by their Metromile Pace. There is also a bonus offer for adding a foot care package to your walking insurance, which includes a monthly pedicure and new pair of socks.


April Fools’! While we don’t actually offer pay-per-step walking insurance, we do offer pay-per-mile car insurance for low-mileage drivers. Get a free quote here.

Meet Raquel Rozas, Metromile’s New Head of Brand

We’re really making moves at Metromile and are excited to announce that Raquel Rozas is joining us as Head of Brand and Product Marketing. As we amplify our endeavors of disrupting the car insurance industry, Raquel will oversee all aspects of the Metromile brand, ensuring that the concept of affordable insurance for low-mileage drivers becomes synonymous with the Metromile name. A former Procter & Gamble executive, Raquel brings more than 10 years of brand experience from senior marketing roles, working with brands including Secret® and Tide®. We’re confident that this is exactly what we need to elevate the Metromile brand, and we’re also confident that Raquel’s answers to the questions below prove she will fit in perfectly with the Metromile team!


What excites you the most about joining Metromile? The opportunity to provide consumers with a more transparent and fair pricing option for car insurance, while at the same time providing them with excellent service be it with claims, help in finding parking or car diagnostics.

How do you commute to work? I just moved to the Bay area, so I’m in the process of exploring all the options. There are so many choices: train, bus, carpooling or ferry! Tomorrow I’m going to try out the bus system. The idea of a guaranteed seat and free Wifi sounds appealing to me.

Where are you excited to road trip to? Oh my….so many things I’m excited about. I already have a girls trip planned to Napa, but I’m also excited about Tahoe, Yosemite, Half Moon Bay, Highway 1 and San Luis Obispo… truly the options feel endless.

Which Metromile app feature is most helpful to you and why? The street sweeping alert is definitely one of the coolest features, but for someone who constantly forgets where they parked, the car locator will definitely come in handy.

Making Moves: Metromile Receives Strategic Investment

We are thrilled to announce that Intact Financial Corporation, the largest provider of property and casualty insurance in Canada, has made a strategic investment in Metromile.

Metromile Investment

2015 was an exciting year for Metromile – we launched a partnership with Uber, expanded to the East Coast and added to our executive team. Funds from this investment will be used to continue on our exciting journey by accelerating Metromile’s growth and offerings nationwide. For our customers, this means a continued focus on the customer experience from sign up through day-to-day needs, improved app technology and updated features, further development of the claims experience and much more. You’ll also be seeing a lot more of us around town!

Intact Financial shares similar values in transparency, customer experience and a technology-driving approach to insurance. The venture represents an exciting opportunity for Intact Financial to expand its core competencies which will ultimately enhance the customer experience.

To see more announcements from Metromile, visit our Press page. And if you are interested in our pay-per-mile insurance offering, you can learn more here.

How We Got Here: A Brief History of Pay-per-mile Insurance

Here at Metromile, we pride ourselves on being pioneers of the pay-per-mile car insurance model, providing a fair and affordable insurance for low-mileage drivers. Technically, we weren’t the first to introduce this idea, but we were (and still are!) the leaders in making it seamless, scalable and easy for everyone. We were founded exactly five years ago, and now have customers in seven states, from California to New Jersey (with many more coming soon). In celebration of our 5th birthday, let’s take a step back and explore how we got to where we are today.


One of the first times the per-mile insurance concept was introduced was in a report by William Vickrey in 1968, and later in a  report by the Brookings Institution in 2008. They hypothesized that if people paid for insurance by the mile, they would be incentivized to drive less since their bill would be based on mileage. The less someone drives, the less they would pay. To prove out the Brooking’s Institution’s theory, we recently ran a study with the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs at Yale University and found that our customers are already driving 6% less after switching to Metromile. This seemingly small number can actually have a significant impact on our economy and environment, especially if everyone reduced their driving by this amount. The benefits to per-mile insurance are clear, but the major insurance companies have been wary to use this model since low-mileage drivers (65% of the US, to be exact) are subsidizing the small handful of people that drive the most.

There have been a few smaller companies that ventured to test a per-mile insurance model, but they required setup that wasn’t exactly user-friendly. One company required a mechanic to install a mysterious black box in the car, and another relied on consumer-submitted photos taken of the odometer reading. None of them made for a hassle-free experience, which is necessary for the person that only occasionally uses their car.

That’s where Metromile comes in. We knew there was a need for a more fair car insurance, but the solution couldn’t involve complicated setups or time-consuming reports. Technology would be an important factor to measure miles driven, and it needed to be plug-and-play. Your mechanic already uses your on-board diagnostics port (OBD) to obtain car health data, so why not use the same port to gather mileage data? We had a solution, and the catalyst was that the sensors we needed to do this become inexpensive and reliable. So in 2011, we introduced a simple way for low-mileage drivers to save money with pay-per-mile car insurance. Just plug a device (we call it the Pulse) into the OBD-port of your car, and it will automatically track mileage. On average, we are saving our customers $500 a year, so we are pretty confident in our solution.

So where are we off to next? There are a lot of exciting stops on our roadmap, from state launches to helpful new app features. If you are currently a Metromile customer, we could not have gotten here without you, so we thank you all for your support. And if you aren’t currently a customer and don’t drive much, you can learn more about our innovative pay-per-mile insurance offering here!

Introducing John Orta, General Counsel at Metromile

We’re rapidly growing at Metromile, so as we scale, we are excited to announce that John Orta has joined Metromile as General Counsel and will oversee our legal, HR and recruiting teams. Before Metromile, John was Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary at OpenTable (where you likely make all of your online restaurant reservations). In addition to serving on the executive team, he was responsible for all aspects of the company’s legal, HR, recruiting, fraud and risk teams, as well as the Chief Compliance Officer. John led the legal team during the company’s IPO and Secondary Offering in 2009, and OpenTable’s purchase by The Priceline Group in 2014. He also received the GC Impact Award from The Recorder in 2014 (a leading legal publication), so he’s kind of a big deal. To get to know John a little better, we had him answer a few quick questions.


What excites you the most about joining Metromile?
I honestly can’t limit it to one thing. First, I love companies that help people, and at Metromile not only do we provide a great insurance product that can provide substantial savings to our customers, but our app also has a suite of features that makes car ownership easier. That is a fantastic combination. Second, the people that work here are world-class and I could not be more excited to join this wonderful team and tackle the opportunity in front of us.

How do you commute to work?
I’m a BART guy. Even when it is crowded, I enjoy it. What I really need to do, however, is ride my bike to BART and burn some extra calories. That should be my new year’s resolution (but it isn’t). (more…)