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How I Drive: A Turo All-Star Host Pays $50 Each Month to Cover His Maserati

Metromile customer & Turo host Jeff Badu

Jeff Badu is a certified public accountant who works from home full-time in Chicago, managing his tax practice and several other businesses. Jeff originally listed one car on Turo, when he started as a Turo host in 2016 but has since added three additional cars to the car-sharing marketplace. Having hosted nearly 400 trips on the platform, he’s now an All-Star Host, recognized as one of the top-rated and most experienced hosts on Turo. “For me, I had to test it first — that’s what I do with everything in life,” Jeff said about his experience.

How did you hear about Metromile?

Late last year, I got an email from Turo about the Metromile partnership. That was the first time I had heard of Metromile. If I had known about Metromile previously, I would have signed up much, much sooner. 

That’s great to hear! What made you want to sign up with us?

We were getting killed on rates with other insurance companies, especially since we don’t use these cars a lot. I looked at your rates and thought it was too good to be true. The beauty of Metromile is that even if you’re not renting on Turo, a car owner can really benefit from your low rates. 

How have your rates changed since you switched to Metromile?

My rates have been cut down tremendously. I was probably paying about ten times more than I’m now paying with Metromile. For example, I was paying about $500 per month on my Maserati Ghibli, and now, it costs me between $40 to $50 per month to insure that car with Metromile. 

Turo’s insurance covers the guest when they rent cars on the Turo platform, so it didn’t make sense for me to have to pay for the guest’s insurance too. In addition, sometimes the guest would add their own insurance, which meant the car was covered three times! That was crazy.  

Have you been driving less because of COVID-19?

Definitely. I’m driving a lot less myself, and I’m also not getting as many Turo bookings. So, I appreciate Metromile’s savings more than ever. 

Anything else you’d like to share? 

I think Metromile is a great platform. Things are being calculated in a very fair way. The pay per mile pricing is very fair, and it’s very user friendly. It’s improved my budget, and it’s helped me keep my car-sharing going during this recent slow period. 

I also love the car-location feature. I had a car stolen last year when I was with a different insurance company. If I had Metromile at the time, it would have been so much easier because I would have known where it was!

How I Drive: A Data Head Finds Extra Value in Pay-Per-Mile

Our customer JP, a military vet and data scientist, lives in Monterey on the Central Coast of California — not exactly the first place you’d expect to find a low mileage driver. JP doesn’t mind bucking a trend, though; he only puts a few miles on his car every month and mostly relies on an electric scooter to get to work and around town. But what really drew JP to Metromile was the opportunity to view all his driving data in one place — or as he says, to see the “actual patterns of life.”

How long have you been a Metromile customer?

More than two years. I used to have another insurer focused on veterans, with full coverage for a 2015 Camaro. But I didn’t like paying a fixed amount because I basically don’t drive.

When you say you don’t drive…how many miles in a month?

Probably about 20, just around town on the weekends. I don’t drive far. I got a scooter for $300, and I can ride that to work now. It’s great once you get over the nerd factor.

I don’t drive my Camaro that much because it’s a V8 — it’s inefficient. But when it rains I’ll drive to work and it’s nice to be covered for those few miles. And the price was so competitive with Metromile I could get higher coverage for the same amount.

You’ve mentioned that it wasn’t just the savings that attracted you.

I’m also quite interested in the OBD-II sensor [Metromile Pulse]. I’m a data scientist. Recording data has always been a source of curiosity for me. If I didn’t have Metromile and I were to buy my own OBD-II sensor, it wouldn’t do the things I want it to do — like capture where I go, when, and how long the trips are. But with Metromile I can collect diagnostics and do a lot of this stuff myself. I have all my trip data saved in a file — this allows me to use my car as a data collector.

And Metromile takes that same data and enables customers to pay only for what they drive. It appeals to the scientist in me. For me, riding a scooter for 15 mins into work is obviously a better deal when I can see exactly what driving is costing me in time and dollars per mile.

What are you using the data for?

My degree is in geospatial information science. My career is mapping for the military. With my driving data, I’m hoping to find trends in the actual patterns of life. If I can collect my own data I can sort of validate the work of, say, Google Maps or traffic cameras.

But also, imagine this: if I can match up my driving data with my fitness tracker and social media updates and all the other personal data we have, I could get an actual view of what the human experience is like, that’s not filtered or sanitized.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I like the app; I’ve used it to find my car. And when I travel for work I can tell whether my girlfriend has borrowed my car!

How Metromile Gave My Convertible a “Car-Lift”

Sergio S. is a fellow car lover and fiercely loyal Metromile customer for almost two years. He’s had a great experience and wanted to share his story.


I was tired of overpaying for my insurance and was ready for a change. When I got a free quote from Metromile, I was amazed to find that I could pay $90 a month instead of $300 like I was initially paying. I’m also able to have lower deductibles for the first time, and can afford my insurance every month. My brother has also been overpaying for insurance for a long time and when he was able to see my incredible savings he also decided to join. It feels great being able to refer my family and friends to join Metromile.

Besides the excellent customer service every time I call in, my favorite part of Metromile is the smart driving app. Being that I am a car person, I love being able to check the health of my car. I appreciate that the DTC codes of my car get sent to my email and phone when something is going on with my car. It makes me feel like someone else cares about my safety and the workability of my vehicle. It’s also so easy being able to budget for my $90 bill every month — the app shows me where I stand during the billing cycle so I can be prepared.

My father and I have our own business in Virginia. We run a used car dealership and it has been great being able to put my savings into our business. I have finally been able to repair my car, something I have been putting off. I am excited to drive more in my convertible this summer without worrying about the mileage. I will enjoy my newly repaired car with the roof off in the nice weather thanks to Metromile!

Metromile Review: It Keeps Getting Better

Carlos S. lives in the Chicago area and regularly lets us know how much he loves being a Metromile customer. He wanted to share his testimonial about why pay-per-mile changed the way he thought about car insurance (for the better).


I just landed a new job near my home, and it turned out I was driving a lot less. I was fed up with always paying over $120 a month for my auto insurance. I decided to reach out to my old car insurance company and see if there were any discounts they could offer for my new shorter commute. After doing some competitive shopping, the best I could do was only pay $100 for the shorter commute. That is when I came across an ad for Metromile and decided to get a free quote.

After checking out the savings calculator on the quote, I discovered I will save $700 a year by having pay-per-mile car insurance. In fact, I will end up spending 50% less of what I usually pay for car insurance! Also – double bonus – not only was I spending less, but I was able to get more coverage on my car. Pay–per-mile means I can increase my coverage and lower my deductibles and still save.

The device is easy to use, too. Other insurance companies I had in the past had me plug a device into my car as well, but I became frustrated hearing the beeping noise when I was forced to slam on the brakes. It’s great to be more connected to my car without the hassle of having to worry about my driving behavior. I love that Metromile is able to customize my insurance in a way that saves me money based on how much I drive, rather than how I drive.

Even the customer service has been great. I found that I always receive quick assistance and am able to get my questions answered with knowledgeable and friendly agents.

The free app is useful as well, and I like that I can see fuel cost level and previous trips. I recently updated my lien holder information online, through a new feature Metromile recently launched, and it took only a few minutes to complete. Metromile just keeps getting better. Keep it up!

If Carlos has inspired you to make the switch to pay-per-mile insurance, then head to to get started on a quote and see how much you could save.

How Metromile Helps Me Save Money

The following Metromile review is a testimonial from Heath C., a loyal customer who wanted to share his positive experience.

I was initially intrigued with Metromile because it was pay-as-you-go insurance. I often walk to work, so there are days where I don’t even drive at all. Paying for insurance based on the miles I drive was a breath of fresh air.


I love that I can easily log in and navigate through the app and see what my current balance is for the month. I also appreciate the ability to see my car’s location and view past trips.

One of the major perks of being a Metromile customer is the savings. I like that I am in control of what I am being charged. I am saving $1,140 a year on my auto insurance and am putting these extra savings towards a fund for a down payment on a new house. Without Metromile, we wouldn’t be able to be on the path to homeownership.

Why I’m a Loyal Metromile Customer

Robert C. is a fiercely loyal customer and has been a part of the Metromile family since September of 2015. Here is a review of his Metromile experience so far.


I was attracted to Metromile because the company has a different way of thinking. They truly care about their customers and pay attention to their needs. I appreciate when I call in and I feel the Customer Experience team listens and hears me. They are not in a hurry to get off the phone like my old company!

I like that their smart driving app allows me the check on where my vehicle is currently parked. I was recently at a mall and couldn’t remember where we left the Jeep and the app helped me find it. Overall, the app helps me drive smarter. I can decode my car’s check engine lights, and also see how much fuel costs. I have the ability to look and see if I could do anything better.

With pay-per-mile insurance, I have been saving $1,000 a year. I put my extra savings toward paying off my truck payments and also put a little bit more toward other bills I have. The best part was taking my wife out to an awesome dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Editor’s note: We always love hearing from happy customers like Robert! If this Metromile review has sparked your interest in pay-per-mile insurance, try getting a quick quote to see how much you could save.

How I Saved Over $700 with Metromile

Creating fiercely loyal customers means the world to us. Susan G. has been a part of the Metromile family since August of 2015 (right when we launched in Pennsylvania) and has been providing amazing feedback on Twitter ever since. Here is her story.


Metromile first sparked my interest because of the savings! I am a very low mileage driver and was tired of paying over $1,000 a year for a car that I rarely used. I was with my previous company for over 30 years and begged them to give me a lower rate. They refused to budge, so I jumped at the chance to join Metromile. I had originally just Googled pay-per-mile insurance and was even aware of Metromile before the launch in PA. I put my name on wait-list and was notified right when Metromile offered coverage in PA. I then immediately made the switch to pay-per-mile.


I have had a wonderful experience so far with Metromile. There have been no billing problems and the smart driving app is great because it tells me exactly where my car is parked (in case I forget where it is in a parking garage)! It is reassuring that if my car was ever stolen, I could track it down. I am saving $780 dollars a year! Since, joining Metromile, I have been able to increase my charitable giving. I do not live paycheck to paycheck, but I know that saving money on car insurance makes keeping my car worthwhile. I was thinking of selling my car, but Metromile made it cost effective to keep it.

Metromile Review: Why I Made the Switch

We wanted to share a story from another happy customer, Hanna Fritzinger, who is saving a ton of money after switching to Metromile because she only uses her car a few times each month. Oh, and she has a really cute dog also!

There are so many amazing benefits to living in a city. One of my favorites is not needing to drive my car every day. I have the luxury of a twenty-minute daily bike ride to work and countless food options steps outside my front door. That said, another one of my favorite parts of living in San Francisco is that the Marin Headlands just across the bridge. That’s where having a car comes into play.


There’s nothing quite like being able to escape the city in a matter of minutes. There’s also no bigger bummer than getting a huge car insurance bill when you’ve only taken the car out a few times during the month. At first, when we heard about Metromile’s pay-per-mile car insurance, it seemed too good to be true. It wasn’t – we made the switch and our car insurance payment is a fourth of what it once was. I also like the other perks such as the alerts that let you know when you’re parked in a spot where street cleaning is about to occur, and of course, the unparalleled customer service.

If you’re on the fence, I highly suggest you make the move to Metromile. You won’t be disappointed.

We always love hearing stories like Hanna’s, so if you have one to share, send us a note at and you might find yourself in the spotlight as well!

Why Metromile Fits My New Lifestyle

We love hearing from our happy customers and wanted to share this note we recently received from Metromile customer Catherine New, who was searching for an affordable insurance after her cross-country move:

One big reason I left New York City to move to San Francisco is to be able to take my dog (an amazing three-legged rescue pup named Wayne) to the beach and other outdoorsy spots around the Bay on the weekends. Car-sharing just wasn’t going to work for hauling around a big, wet, sand-covered dog — so I bought a used 2004 Honda CR-V for $2,500.


I called my insurance company (actually two calls, since they had to call me back hours later with a quote) to find out what my rates would be — and it was about $100 a month at the minimum. More than I needed. Knowing that I probably wouldn’t drive more than 7,500 miles in a calendar year, I checked out Metromile. Based on my profile, the rate was significantly lower. Deal!

The UX and design were super simple and intuitive, and I was able to get my insurance instantly — printing out an insurance card from my computer. A few days later my Metromile Pulse arrived, which I plugged into my car. Now, I love getting automated updates from Metromile with street cleaning notices if I am parked on certain streets and watching my mileage and trip data through the app. I use automation and data-driven apps for everything else in my life, so it makes obvious sense to do it for my driving life too.

We are always happy to hear stories like Catherine’s, so if you have one to share, send us a note at and you might find yourself in the spotlight as well!

Metromile to the Rescue

We recently received this letter from customers who had their car stolen (boo!) but because Metromile was able to help locate the vehicle, they were able to get it back (yay!) with help from the police.

Hi Metromile,

I wanted to write you a note to thank you for your amazing product last night. Our car was stolen early Wednesday morning. The thieves took it and went to Potrero Hill, Bayview, Excelsior, and back to Bayview. They were apprehended in a dead end in Bayview, inside our car. They had loads of stolen goods in the car – our and others – and had also parked some other stolen cars in the area.

The police are ecstatic. They rarely catch the perps, so they’re hopeful this could blow the ring of car thieves wide open. And we have Metromile to thank for all of it. You see, when I noticed the car was stolen, I immediately opened the app and saw it was in the Bayview. I called the police and told dispatch of its location, but I had to call back several times because the vehicle was moving. Eventually two police officers showed up at our house and followed along with the moving dot in the app. They radioed to other officers every time it moved.

We realized there was a bit of a delay in the live location, so my partner Ryan called Alex at Metromile to see if she could get more accurate readings. Alex was amazing. Even though she couldn’t help us get a live location, it seemed like her dot was a bit ahead of ours. With her help, the police were able to pounce as soon as the car came to a rest in Bayview. The other car will be returned to their owners, along with the stolen goods. And it’s possible that many future crimes have been prevented. I’ve taken screen grabs of all the trips shown in the app since our car was stolen, and they will be used to solve other crimes and as evidence against the criminals that did this. None of it would have happened if I didn’t have Metromile. So, you have our sincere gratitude for the amazing product that you provide.


Jordan V and Ryan H