Leveraging the Power of Telematics with YewYin

At Metromile, telematics is at the core of our pay-per-mile insurance – without it, we wouldn’t be able to accurately measure risk or offer fair rates based on your own driving, not everyone else’s. We recently spoke with one of our Senior Product Managers of Telematics, YewYin N., to hear more about how he leverages telematics data in ways that benefit our customers and help make our streets safer for everyone. 


What brought you to Metromile?

When I was first looking to transition from my previous role, I knew absolutely nothing about Metromile nor the insurtech industry. After my initial conversations with Metromile, I realized how interesting the insurtech space was and saw so many opportunities to improve auto insurance through telematics. I was even more hooked after I met with various Metromilers and heard how passionate they were about making insurance fairer and more delightful for all drivers. 

What does your job as Senior Product Manager of Telematics entail?

As part of the Telematics Team, I help ensure that we build products and features that support our customers’ needs and work with my team to further develop and unlock the full potential of telematics. That encompasses everything from helping shape the telematics strategy, talking to stakeholders and customers to figure out what problems they might be facing, and rallying our internal teams to build products and features that satisfy those needs.

Telematics is at the heart of Metromile, can you explain more about it?

Telematics is the process of sending, receiving, and storing data from various sensors– in Metromile’s case, the sensor is our Pulse device, which connects to every car insured by Metromile. Without telematics, we wouldn’t have Metromile insurance since we use this technology to count each customer’s miles and measure driving behavior. By doing so, we can better understand someone’s driving to offer accurate and affordable car insurance. We can also gather and share data on fuel levels, engine health, and braking patterns to help our drivers stay connected with their car’s health and encourage safer driving habits.

What do you like most about working at Metromile?

I’m an incredibly analytical person so I love working with all the data. I spend hours and hours poring through our driving data and leverage it all to help me make decisions as a product manager. Aside from that, I love that Metromile has a culture of sharing and resolving customer issues in real-time. I’ve seen firsthand how people from various teams work together to identify and quickly resolve any customer problems – this approach speaks volumes to our commitment to a customer-first company.

Anything exciting that you’re currently working on?

Absolutely, there are so many exciting initiatives going on right now but one thing I’m particularly passionate about is building out the next-generation telematics platform. This new system would help us streamline the collection of multi-sensor data as we move towards multiple connected devices in every car as opposed to just our single Pulse device. It’s exciting to be thinking through how we can leverage so many data points to improve the customer experience and help our drivers get even more out of their auto insurance in the future.


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