The Low Down on Per-Mile Insurance

By now, you may have heard of the Pay-Per-Mile insurance Metromile offers. To put it simply, the less you drive, the more you could save. We are the only ones who offer this product in the USA (currently in 7 states)! We only measure mileage, not driving behavior (like how hard you brake).

The Lo Down on Per-Mile Insurance

Over the years, we’ve gotten many questions about per-mile insurance. We wanted to share some of our most common questions because chances are, you may be wondering the same thing.

  • How much money will I save with per-mile insurance?
    On average, our customers are saving up to $500 per year. Visit our page and answer a few questions about yourself and your car. You will immediately be able to see a preliminary quote and use the savings calculator to see how much money you could save in a year.
  • Can I choose my coverage?
    Yes! Just like with the insurance you have now, you can choose your deductible amount and liability protection. If you don’t need comprehensive or collision insurance, just set the deductible to “no coverage”. You able to edit coverages in the quote and choose between different liability protection packages and see the monthly base rate as well as per-mile charge adjust.
  • What does per-mile insurance cover?
    Metromile covers you just like any other car insurance. We offer full coverage including comprehensive & collision (the damage that occurs to your car). To cover property damage and injury to others, you can choose bodily injury liability limits of up to $250,000/$500,000.
  • How is my monthly bill calculated?
    The monthly base rate varies based on the number of days in the month and how much you drive. You also aren’t charged for the miles you drive over 250 a day (150 in New Jersey). Each month your bill will consist of your monthly base rate for the month ahead and the miles that you drove during that billing cycle.
  • Do I need to install the app before I get the insurance?
    No, you don’t actually need our app in order to have the insurance. The app is one of two ‘portals’, if you will, to see your data, which we visualize for you in pretty graphs and charts. The other way to see your data is via the online dashboard (just log-in at
  • Does my monthly base rate ever change?
    Your quoted policy lasts for six months, unless you make mid-policy changes. After that time, your monthly rate will be re-evaluated at renewal. Several factors can affect your rate, like citations and violations.
  • How do I pay my Metromile insurance?
    The amount due is automatically billed each month to the debit / credit card that you provide during sign-up. We make it easy for you to update your billing information anytime. Just edit on your online dashboard or app.
  • What other benefits are included with Metromile insurance?
    Roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement are optional coverages that can be included when having comprehensive and collision coverage. We also provide street sweeping alerts, diagnose your car health, and provide MPG.
  • What if I decide I to sell my car or realize that I need to drive it much more often than I originally planned?
    We understand that the adventure of life includes change – maybe you’ll decide to not have a car anymore, or you may have a new commute that requires putting more miles on the road. We realize that per-mile insurance may not work financially for you all the time. We just hope it becomes a considered option if it fits well with your lifestyle.

If you think per-mile insurance could help you save each month, get your free quote today and see how much extra savings you could pocket!