We’re Heading East: Per-Mile Insurance Launches in Virginia

We are so excited to announce that we are expanding our service to the East Coast! First stop: Virginia. This is the first time per-mile insurance is being offered in the state, so we are eager to provide car owners with a more fair and affordable insurance.

per-mile insurance Virginia

Virginia has great public transportation options, and many of its cities are easily accessible on foot, so we anticipate there to be quite a few people (read: tons) that will save money with our per-mile insurance. In fact, according to a recent study we conducted, the majority of Virginia drivers (67%) commute less than 100 miles per week.

We also found that a big pain point is the amount of time spent in cars due to traffic and congestion. Our pay-per-mile insurance offering is a great way for drivers to become more aware of how many miles they drive. We’re seeing a trend of folks actually driving less as a result, which ultimately means less cars on the road. And of course, everyone appreciates saving money!

We will also be expanding availability for the new Metromile Tag to Virginia, so people not quite ready to make the switch to per-mile insurance can take a free test drive. The Tag powers our smart driving app, which gives important insights into daily mileage, driving habits, car location, and more.

This is only the first stop on the road to East Coast expansion. So what’s next on our map? Sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch or add yourself to our waitlist!