I reside in a state that requires my vehicle to be inspected for physical damage coverage, what is the process for this?

If you reside in NJ and your vehicle’s model year is within the past 7 years, you are required to have your car inspected within 7 days after your policy effective date. If you bought a future effective policy, you can have the inspection done 10 days before or 7 days after the effective date. Carco is our designated inspection company, and once you sign up for insurance, you will receive an email with information regarding the vehicles that need inspection and a link to find the closest locations to you. If there are no facilities within 10 miles of your location, please call our customer service line for assistance. Make sure to bring your declarations page with you to the inspection. If the inspection is not completed in time, your insurance coverage can be suspended. In the event that this does happen, please contact our customer support team (www.metromile.com/contact) to resolve the situation. You can find inspection sites and learn more about the process by visiting: http://www.carcogroup.com/policyholder-resources/inspection-site-locator