How I Built My Career: Claims Adjuster to Salesforce Administrator

At Metromile, we like to do things a little differently. (We are disrupting the auto insurance industry after all.) From offering drivers more fair and personalized pricing to streamlining claims with our AI-powered process, innovation is at the core of everything we do. 

Especially when it comes to our employees’ development.

In this blog series, you’ll hear from some of our very own to get a taste of what’s possible with a career at Metromile.

Metromile is hiring! Learn about Kyle’s career path and how he became a Salesforce administrator in less than two years.

Kyle, Salesforce Administrator

Metromiler since August 2017

Metromile is hiring! Learn about Kyle’s career path and how he became a Salesforce administrator in less than two years.

How did you hear about Metromile?

A few years ago, a recruiter at Metromile reached out to me about a claims adjuster position. At the time, I was perfectly happy working in a similar role at a big-name auto insurance company and wasn’t necessarily looking to go anywhere. But they had taken the time to reach out, so I figured why not hear them out and see what they have to offer.

At the large insurer I was at, career development happens in a singular funnel, confined within your department. Learning more about Metromile through the interview process, I could already foresee a lot more growth from the breadth of the role’s scope. 

What sold you on Metromile? 

Being part of a smaller company gives you more opportunities to help pave the path and directly impact the business — something that means a lot to me that I didn’t have in my previous role. And with technology and innovation being such a core part of the company, it really got me looking forward to what the future could hold. 

I started my career with Metromile as a standard claims adjuster. After about seven or eight months, I was able to move into an injury adjuster role — still within my insurance wheelhouse, but it was definitely a different daily workload. 

A while later, a position opened up for a Salesforce administrator. This was a bit more in line with what I was looking to do long-term. I’ve always been super interested in technology and being able to own a product within the company. My previous Salesforce experience up to that point had been fairly limited, but as I started learning what exactly an administrator is responsible for and seeing the career opportunities available with that role, the more I was excited about the position. So I reached out to my manager to let him know I was interested in applying, and he was all for it. Having that openness and encouragement meant so much. I went for it, and here I am two years later!

In your role, how are you helping our customers’ experience?

Our sales, customer service, and underwriting teams use Salesforce. I’m responsible for debugging that platform and ensuring everything works and improving and expanding on our use of the tool. Essentially, I help optimize it so our agents will have to make less clicks, type less and spend less time on tasks so that they can get our customers the information and help they need more quickly and efficiently. By continually improving our Salesforce platform, we’re ensuring we maintain our high level of service and create fiercely loyal customers!

What excites you the most about your role?

The problem solving! I love diving right into fixes, as well as identifying areas of improvement that we want to implement down the road, and figuring out how to piece that strategic puzzle together. If we want Z, we also have to do X and Y to get there. And then I get to work on those individual pieces to get closer to the end result. It’s pretty exciting. And the same holds true even for small debugging tests. If one of our licensed agents lets me know they click somewhere and get an error, I follow that string of errors back to the source issue. 

Currently, I’m working on making further efficiencies to our policy management system. It’s a project I’ve been able to be involved in at a high level at first, but as we’ve started to implement it, I’ve taken a step back to start working Salesforce into it and manage more of the backend to ensure the integrations are working correctly.

What do you love most about working at Metromile?

Career growth is a big one. I’ve been responsible for Salesforce for a little over two years. In your work here, you can see the immediate benefit in real-time to both our customers when they interact with us and our agents who are using these platforms on the other side. 

I’ve been able to take on additional programs to grow the scope of what I do. And even then, there’s always an outlook for even more growth, as the company and the scope of Salesforce grows, which definitely keeps me busy!

Beyond that, I’ve loved everyone that I’ve worked with. Our team is motivated to do their part and see how their work carries over into Salesforce and the end-results. Whenever I release a new product or improvement to the Salesforce platform, everyone rallies and is fired up about the changes and improvements. And the flip side of that, whenever a platform change indirectly has a bit of a negative effect on our users, the team is always quick to tell me so that I can iterate on the issue and start working towards a solution. It’s a level of collaboration I haven’t had at past companies, making us that much stronger as a business.

What career advice do you have for insurance professionals about joining a challenger brand?

Metromile is the newest company I’ve worked for, but it has been so worth it. When I first switched from the large auto insurance company, I was a little bit unsure, but I was excited about the notion of working for a company aimed at challenging the status quo. 

My best advice would be to be open and ready for a change of pace. As a company, we may set our eyes on a certain goal or objective, and before it’s complete, we may make calculated changes along the way based on the results we’re seeing. That’s fairly normal, I think, for smaller, more nimble companies. It was definitely something that, at first, I had to adjust to, but after a while, I came to enjoy the whole journey. 

I would say it’s 100% worth it and way more exciting than you could even imagine. And after being here for three years, it’s come to blow my expectations away and make me even more enthusiastic about my work than I ever thought I would be. 

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Demi Greco has also been on the career jungle gym at Metromile. She is a communications specialist by way of a receptionist turned executive assistant.