2014’s Safest Cars On The Road

2014’s safest cars have again been determined by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and some familiar names are still on the list. Take a peek below at some of them based on style of car and what makes them stand apart in their safety record..

The Safest Minicar

You may be afraid of buying minicars based on how easy it seems they can be totaled during car crashes, but the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says the Chevrolet Spark passed its safety check with flying colors. All sides were given top ratings, with only the small overlap front getting a slightly lesser rating. Regardless, the crash tests still indicated low risk with head-on collisions.

Safest Compact Cars

Names like Dodge, Ford, and Honda are some of the names voted the safest compact cars this year. The Honda Civic 4-Door was especially noted as passing every aspect of a crash test. A superior forward collision warning feature gave it more points.

Mazda is also at the top with their Mazda 3 in both hatchback and sedan versions. In the hatchback, extra points were given for how well the low-speed auto brake worked in preventing a collision. The same applied to the sedan model. Overall, though, Mazda passed in every category, which is an improvement from Mazdas manufactured a decade ago.

Rounding out the best on the list is the Toyota Prius that passed everything other than a slight markdown for the small overlap front.

Midsized Non-Luxury Cars

For those not in the market for a luxury car, the IIHS placed Ford and Honda as some of the safest midsized cars on the market.

The Ford Fusion passed well on the crash tests, as did the Honda Accord in their two-door and four-door editions. Honda’s Accords have been reliable in safety for quite a while, particularly in side collisions. Mazda and Subaru also ranked high on the midsized car list.


With the thought that SUVs aren’t always the safest, you’ll be surprised at some of the names that ranked high. Mazda’s CX-5 in the small SUV market ranked top in safety testing, as did the surprising name of Mitsubishi and their 2014 Outlander. Also, Subaru continues to do well in safety checks with their Forester.

In mid-size SUVs, the Toyota Highlander stood alone. It has improved in safety compared to models that were out in the mid 2000s, particularly in head restraints and seats.

If you’re in the market for a luxury SUV, the Acura MDX is your safest bet, as is the Mercedes M class. Volvo enters the list once again with their XC60 that’s ranked high in every category for five years.


Those with large families are going to want to shop very carefully for the safest minivans on the market. According to the IIHS, your best bet is the , receiving a superior rating across the board, and holding for several years.