Behind the Scenes with Metromile’s New Senior Vice President, Growth Troy Dye

Metromile’s new Senior VP of Growth, Troy Dye

Metromile offers people more choice and control with their auto insurance and experience as drivers. We want people to have insurance that’s fairer and real-time based on how much you drive, which is why we started with a pay-as-you-go model.

Troy Dye, a Metromile customer and Capital One marketing veteran of more than 20 years, will join our community as the new senior vice president, growth, to bring pay-per-mile insurance to more drivers. Troy is eager to help drivers enjoy a better experience and more value from their insurance company.

We asked Troy why he decided to become a Metromiler, and the opportunities for growth he thinks are ahead.

What should people know about you, Troy?

The first and probably most important thing is I’m a big believer that good ideas can come from anywhere. I don’t think anyone has a monopoly on good ideas, and I think that it’s my job, and our company’s job, to really gather as many good ideas as we can and then put them together in novel ways. It’s important to me because it is a foundational element of team culture and starts to structure how we solve problems as a group.

Next, I believe there’s no such thing as a “normal” person. Normal is a mathematical construct that makes sense with large audiences, but it doesn’t exist at an individual level. Is anyone perfectly average at everything? If you can get away from the idea that something is or isn’t normal, you can start to learn a lot more. 

Do you take that same approach to work?

I’m a big fan of weird, and not only because I’m a weird person. I think weird makes for better marketing because you start looking at both the similarities and differences in people and embrace uniqueness. Again, if you can get away from what’s “normal,” you can land on something unique and novel, and that’s where greatness happens.

Why did you decide to join Metromile? 

I am a Metromile customer, so I’ve seen firsthand how the company sets itself apart. I’ve really connected personally with everyone I’ve met at the company and feel like we have an incredible diversity of thought on the team. 

I also think the product has a clear purpose and is truly a better option for many drivers

Finally, I like brands that zig when everyone else is zagging. I’ve always been a fan of challenger brands because they’re more nimble and hungry than big incumbents. 

What opportunities do you see ahead for Metromile?

Companies can get trapped in believing they have to appeal to everyone to grow. Instead, I think some of the best product development, marketing, and the best strategy comes from finding a real focused problem and solving it in a highly compelling way. 

Metromile is doing that by solving real problems for low-mileage drivers, and that segment is growing each year as people change their lifestyles and how they drive. There are more low-mileage drivers to serve, and it’s only going to get bigger.

I think one of our big opportunities is learning how to quickly and concisely explain what pay-per-mile insurance is and isn’t. When you create a truly new product category, consumer understanding is one of your primary hurdles to adoption. The more we test and learn our way into that answer, the more we will grow our community of drivers.

Finally, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m a fairly adventurous renovator and woodworker, and I am always amazed at how much you can find and teach yourself. Early in my career, I actually bought a house, stripped it down to the studs myself, and renovated everything except for the plumbing, all with the help of books and the internet. Home improvement remains my go-to activity for both stress relief and calming my mind.

Speed round:

Are you a better driver or passenger?

Driver. I can’t stand being a passenger.

What are you listening to in the car these days?

Right now, I’m not driving much. When I do, I listen to a rotation of dubstep, indie folk, and podcasts, but mostly dubstep. And no, I can’t dance — at all.

Do you have a favorite road trip?

I have historically traveled a lot for work, so when I have time off with my family, we like to hang out in generally quiet and tranquil settings. We’ve made a tradition of a summer trip to Smith Mountain Lake, a giant but very quiet lake about three hours from our home in Richmond, Virginia — lots of lazy days on the water!