More than just insurance.

At Metromile we believe technology should make drivers more informed, insurance more transparent, and cars more connected.


Your all access pass

The Metromile Pulse device unlocks your driving stats, monitors your engine’s health, and accesses smart services that save you time and money on the road. It’s free, easy to install, and shows up in your mail a few days after signing up with Metromile.



Just plug it into the diagnostic port (OBD-II) standard in all cars since 1996.



Our secure wireless connection pushes data with every trip.



When you know more about your car, you are in a position to save time and money.



As easy as plugging in a seat belt.

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Your car is talking. Listen.

With the Pulse in place, our smart driving app and online dashboard connect you with your car, translating your data and helping you make smarter decisions about your daily driving.

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Keeping your data locked

We take your privacy very seriously and never sell location or other personal information to third parties. Insurance customers can disable the GPS function of the device through their online dashboard. For more information, please see our privacy policy.

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A’s for all your tech Q’s

Do I need to download the app to see my driving data?

No, you can access your data via the online dashboard by logging into your account at (For insurance customers, all policy documents are available there as well.)

Do I need to plug in the Pulse before my insurance can be effective?

No. There is a grace period of 10 days in IL/NJ/OR/PA/VA/WA before you must connect the Pulse. You will not be charged for miles you drive before your effective date or before plugging in the Pulse (during the grace period). In CA, there is a 7 day grace period, and you will not be charged for any miles during this time.

Do I need to sync my phone with the Pulse?

No, the Pulse functions separately from your phone and securely transmits data through a cell modem. All you need to do is plug it in and check for a pulsing red/orange light.

Can I download my data?

Yes, insurance customers can request a CSV download of their data via the online dashboard.

Do I need to have the per-mile insurance in order to use the app?

Yes, our app is currently available for pay-per-mile insurance customers only. To learn more, please visit our insurance page.