Our customer experience experts have one goal:

create fiercely loyal customers.

Good service is the enemy of great service

As far as we can tell, the last thing people need is another “usual” insurance customer service experience. So we did away with the hard-to-find contact info, sales pushes, and answer scripts, and introduced a simple thought: real people who listen to your questions and give you personalized answers.

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    Cut to the claim

    From roadside assistance to glass repair to major accident claims, our superior service members are available 24/7 to make sure you never feel alone.

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    You have an ally in the insurance world

    Not only is our claims department available 24/7, but we also assign a customer experience advocate to ensure that your claims process goes smoothly from start to finish. From understanding what’s going on to the timing of claims resolution, your advocate will make sure you have a great experience every step of the way.

    healthy car

    The car doctor will see you now

    At Metromile, we don’t just deal with your car when it’s broken, we help you keep it healthy day in and day out. That’s why we have an on-staff expert mechanic you can email whenever your car starts to rattle, hiss, or grind. Whatever’s going on, we’ll help you address it as soon as you notice it.

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    Doing it right, right off the bat

    While in the process of revolutionizing the auto insurance world, we discovered we were transforming customer service as well.

    A’s for all your service Q’s

    Who can make changes to my insurance policy?

    In the quote application process, the first person entered in the form will be the “primary insured” and therefore the only one authorized to make changes to the account.

    Can I sign up for insurance to begin today?

    The soonest effective date you can choose is the following day. As soon as payment is processed, your coverage will go into effect. Don’t worry about not having the Pulse right away – your insurance coverage is not affected. There is a grace period (7 days in CA, 10 days in IL/NJ/OR/PA/VA/WA) before you have to connect the device.

    Will the policy with my old insurance company cancel automatically once I’m signed up?

    No. Most insurance companies will automatically renew your policy unless you request otherwise. Once you have purchased a policy with Metromile, please contact your current insurer to notify them of your request for cancellation.

    What if I want to cancel?

    You can cancel at any time, and we have no fees for terminating a policy. If you are in CA/IL/NJ/OR/PA/WA please give us a call (888.244.1702) Monday through Friday, 6am-6pm Pacific Time. If you are in Virginia, please fill out our online contact form.

    Where can I find my billing statement?

    Your billing statements can be accessed on your online dashboard. Click on the billing section to access past bills and update payment information.