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What is medical payments coverage (MedPay)?

Medical payments insurance (usually referred to as MedPay) is a car insurance coverage that can help cover the medical expenses of you and your passengers after an accident—no matter whose fault the accident was.

MedPay can cover post-accident surgeries, ambulance rides, and hospital visits, and can even cover other medical services (such as professional nursing). It isn’t usually a required coverage, but it can be useful in many situations.

Keep in mind that MedPay coverage isn’t available in every state. Metromile’s medical payments coverage is currently available in California, Arizona, Illinois, and Virginia.
If Metromile’s MedPay insurance is available in your state, you’ll be pleased to know that pay-per-mile MedPay works just like any other medical payments coverage. It’s the same coverage you’d get from any quality insurer, but you’ll probably pay less for it.

In fact, Metromile customers have saved an average of $741* per year on their car insurance. Paying per mile for your auto insurance policy means that when you drive less, you pay less. It’s a straightforward and fair approach that could save you as much as 47%* on your car insurance policy with MedPay.

What does medical payments insurance cover?

Could be covered

Ambulance and EMT costs
Doctor and hospital visits
X-rays and surgery
Accident-related dental work
Professional nursing care

Not Covered

Lost wages for missed work
Any medical bills that exceed the coverage limits
Medical bills for the other driver or their passengers (Need liability coverage?)

How does MedPay coverage work?

You get in an accident

After a quick visit to the urgent care, you get a medical bill of $900.

You’ll file a MedPay claim

You caused the accident? In that case, it’s time to file a MedPay claim. (With Metromile, you can do this online.)

You get money for medical bills

Your MedPay coverage helps out to cover the cost of your hospital visit, up to your coverage limits.

How much is medical payments (MedPay) insurance?

The price of medical payments coverage depends on a bunch of factors, such as where you are in the country as well as your safety record on the road. 

Rest assured, though, that when you get MedPay with a Metromile car insurance policy, you could save up to 47%* on your coverage. With Metromile’s pay-per-mile system, you could get car insurance with MedPay coverage for as little as $29 per month plus 6 cents per mile.

It’s a clear and fair way to do car insurance—and it saves Metromile customers an average of $741* per year.

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• You could save up to 47%* with pay-per-mile car insurance coverage

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Medical payments insurance FAQs

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How much medical payments coverage should I get?

The amount of MedPay coverage you get depends completely on your situation, your finances, and your health insurance plan. But while there isn’t a single right answer, here are some questions that can help you think through it for yourself:
  1. Can you afford to pay out-of-pocket for medical bills after an accident?
  2. Do you have a low-deductible health insurance plan that covers auto accidents?
If your answer to either or both of these questions was no, consider getting as much MedPay coverage as you can afford. Having an active medical payment policy could save you thousands of dollars in medical expenses if you ever get into a serious accident.

Is medical payments coverage necessary?

Is MedPay a good choice for you? MedPay is required by law in only a few states (New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Maine), so whether it’s necessary in your situation probably just depends on how much financial risk you’re comfortable with. If you don’t have a low-deductible healthcare plan that covers auto accidents, then medical payments coverage can provide some valuable peace of mind.

What’s the difference between PIP and Medical Payments coverage?

It’s easy to get MedPay and Personal Injury Protection (PIP) confused, since they apply in similar situations! Here are a few key differences between the two coverages:

  1. Unlike PIP, MedPay follows the policyholder even if they aren’t driving. So you could still be covered for medical bills from other kinds of accidents (for example, if you get hurt while cycling).
  2. PIP coverage pays out before the other driver’s liability coverage, but MedPay usually pays out after the other driver’s liability coverage. (But if it’s not clear who caused an accident, MedPay can pay out right away to cover your medical bills!)
  3. MedPay is just for medical expenses. It won’t cover other expenses that are covered by PIP (think lost wages due to an accident).

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“Metromile saves us so much on insurance. Our car is a second car and rarely used. Before we paid 5 times more for traditional insurance. Plus I love the online access to stats on the car: travel routes and speeds and location, etc. I’m very happy with my metromile experience!”

Diane V.

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