Choose the right coverage for you!

Choose the right coverage for you!

At Metromile, we believe your insurance should give you peace of mind. The information below can help you determine which policy works best for you.

At Metromile, we believe your insurance should give you peace of mind. The information below can help you determine which policy works best for you.

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Liability Coverage

Coverage for injuries or damage to someone else’s property where you are determined to be at fault.

Vehicle Coverage

Coverage for damage, theft and vandalism of your personal vehicle.

Medical Coverage

Coverage of medical expenses for you (and your passengers) sustained in an accident.

Liability Coverage

Bodily Injury (BI) Coverage

Bodily Injury (BI) Coverage is required by most states, and it covers damages to people (again—not including you). If you cause an accident, BI coverage will pay for costs related to any injuries or deaths. It covers costs for things like medical treatment, rehabilitation, and funeral costs, as well as costs related to mental or emotional distress that results from bodily injury. If you’re sued for causing an accident, BI coverage may also pay for lawyer’s fees. Depending on the state you live in, you may be required to have a predetermined minimum amount of BI coverage.

Property Damage (PD) Coverage

Property Damage (PD) Coverage is a specific type of liability coverage that covers damages to things (that don’t belong to you). This type of coverage pays for any type of tangible property, including the other driver’s car, or any other pieces of property that may have been involved in an accident you caused, like a building, pole, garage, etc. Most states require drivers to have a predetermined minimum amount of this coverage.

Car Coverage

Roadside Assistance

In addition to getting access to an on-call tow truck, roadside assistance can also provide you with flat tire changes, battery jump starts, locksmith services and more. If you love road trips, this might be a smart coverage for you!

Underinsured Motorist Property Damage (UMPD)

If you’re hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver, this type of coverage will pay for the damage to your vehicle. UMPD coverage isn’t available in every state, and some states require you to choose between UMPD and Collision coverage.

Collision Deductible Waiver

This type of coverage isn’t available in every state, but if you have it, your collision deductible will be waived in case you’re in an accident with an at-fault driver who’s uninsured. You’ll need the license plate number or name of the person that caused the damage.

Collision Coverage

Collision insurance covers you if your car collides with another object (like a car, a brick wall, a tree, etc). This coverage protects your car only and not the other party’s damage. Again, the deductible amount you choose is the out-of-pocket expense you have to pay before coverage kicks in.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive insurance (but it can be required by your lender if your vehicle is financed or leased) comes in handy if your car is stolen or damaged in ways that don’t involve a collision (think hail damage, glass breakage, fire, vandalism, damage from an animal, flood, earthquakes, falling objects, and theft). It’s up to you to choose a deductible amount — that’s the out-of-pocket cost you agree to pay before coverage is afforded.

Medical Coverage

Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury (UIMBI)

This one is very similar to UMBI, but it pays up to the limit for expenses in the event that the other driver is at-fault for the accident but can’t cover your costs because of their own plan’s insufficient liability limits.

Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury (UMBI)

If you’re in an accident in which the other driver is at-fault and uninsured, UMBI coverage will pay for any necessary medical, rehabilitation, lost wages, pain-and-suffering, and funeral costs for you and/or your passengers. Remember that UMBI will only pay up to the coverage limit, and your state may or may not require you to have a set minimum amount.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

PIP coverage varies based on state, and if it isn’t available, then you’ll likely have the option to choose Medical Payments coverage. How do they differ? Medical Payments usually covers only medical bills for you and your passengers. PIP will often extend to cover additional things like income loss, funeral expenses and essential services. The benefits vary by state, with some states offering coverage for things like lost wages, child care, and/or funeral costs.

Medical Payments

If you’re in an accident, Medical Payments could pay the medical deductibles and copayments that aren’t covered by your health insurer, or the insurer of any of your passengers. This type of coverage is optional and, depending on your state, may be possible to combine with a health insurance policy.

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“Literally half the price for the same amount of coverage. Plus I’ll never forget where in the labyrinth of city streets I parked my car again. AND I can see whether I need to plan to stop for gas. Five stars.”

Noelle D.
Chicago, Illinois

“Love our Metromile! 2 vehicles, full coverage on one of them, and pay about half of what we paid for only mandatory coverage with our old insurance. We’ve been on Metromile for close to 4 years!”

Margaret S.
Newport, Washington

“I have had the best experience with Metromile coverage! Same great full coverage, yet better service. I took a cross country trip this summer and my bill still wasn’t as expensive as it was when I paid monthly for the same full coverage with one of the name brand companies!”

Loreen M.
Laguna Niguel, California

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