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What is comprehensive insurance coverage?

Comprehensive insurance (often called “comp coverage”) pays to repair or replace your vehicle if it gets damaged by a fire, a flood, a hailstorm, an animal—or just about anything that isn’t a collision. Comprehensive auto insurance is usually sold together with collision coverage, so if you ever hear someone say “comprehensive and collision” (or just “comp and collision”), that’s what they’re talking about. Comprehensive coverage isn’t required by state law, but if your car is leased or financed your lender will likely require you to have it.

By the way, comp coverage also protects you from the loss of your vehicle if it’s ever stolen (though if you go with Metromile, our technology can help you track and recover your vehicle!).
How does comprehensive insurance work on the pay-per-mile model? Just like you’d expect—it works exactly the same as a standard insurance policy.

In fact, with Metromile’s pay-per-mile system, you’ll get the same reliable comprehensive coverage you’d get from any other quality insurer. But you’ll likely pay less for it since you’ll pay a rate based on your driving habits. In the months you drive less, you’ll pay less for your car insurance. It’s a straightforward, fair approach that offers fantastic protection for your vehicle and great savings for you.

What does comprehensive coverage cover and what isn’t covered?


Falling objects (like tree limbs or wayward air conditioning units)
Explosions, fire, riots, and vandalism
Car theft
Damage to your windows and windshield
Damage caused by Mother Nature (such as hail, wind, lightning, or earthquakes)

Not Covered

Any damage that’s caused by collision with another vehicle (for that, you’ll need collision coverage)
Damage to any other person or their vehicle (that’s what liability is for)
Any items stolen from your vehicle
Any medical expenses after an accident³

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How much is comprehensive insurance?

Your rate for comprehensive car insurance depends on many factors, such as the make and model of your car as well as the address where you park it at night. But you’ll be happy to know that comprehensive coverage can be affordable—especially if you choose pay-per-mile coverage through Metromile.

With Metromile, you can get a car insurance policy with comprehensive coverage for a low monthly base premium that starts at $29 per month. Then, you’ll pay as little as 6 cents per mile you drive. So if you drive less, you’ll pay less for your comprehensive coverage. (On average, our customers save $741* per year on car insurance with comprehensive coverage.)

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How does comprehensive coverage work?

Your car is damaged by Mother Nature

An overnight hailstorm gives your car an unwanted makeover, denting the hood and frame. The total bill for damage is $4,500. No good!

You file a comprehensive claim

With Metromile, you can instantly file this claim online. (Other insurers may require a longer process.)

You get money to repair your car

Get a payout to repair your vehicle (minus the deductible, of course!)—or take it to one of our partners for a streamlined repair process.

Why get comprehensive insurance from Metromile?

Why get comprehensive insurance from Metromile?

∙ You could save up to 47%* with pay-per-mile car insurance coverage
∙ Clear communication and an easy-to-use app
∙ Get a quote in 5 minutes!

Comprehensive car insurance coverage FAQs

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Do I need comprehensive insurance?

Great question. Here are two questions that can help you figure it out:
  1. Is your car leased or financed? 
  2. Do you want your car insurance company to help you pay to replace or repair your vehicle if it gets stolen, a tree branch falls on it, or if it’s damaged in some other covered incident?
If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you likely need comprehensive coverage. (Most drivers do.)

Is comprehensive insurance worth it?

For the majority of drivers on the road, comprehensive coverage is a great investment—especially when you can get it affordably with Pay-Per-Mile coverage.

Comprehensive coverage helps you avoid getting stuck with a huge bill when something unexpected happens to your car. Without comp coverage, you’ll have to pay out of your own wallet if a tree falls on your windshield or if your car is ever stolen. (And yes, those bills can cost thousands of dollars.)

Is comprehensive insurance full coverage?

Technically, there’s no such thing as “full coverage.” There’s no single policy that can cover you 100% in every situation—that’s not how car insurance works. 

You still hear the term “full coverage,” though, because many people use it to describe insurance that covers both liability and physical damage (for example, a car insurance policy that includes both bodily injury and property damage coverages for other people as well as comprehensive and collision coverages for your own car). 

So, no, comprehensive insurance coverage on its own doesn’t offer you full protection in every situation—but it does offer a set of protections that most drivers need.

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