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What is personal injury protection/no-fault insurance?

What is PIP coverage? Personal Injury Protection insurance (usually shortened to PIP insurance) is auto insurance coverage that can help pay your medical bills and other expenses after an accident—no matter who caused the accident. It’s also called “no-fault” insurance, because it’s required in states like New Jersey that don’t use fault to determine who pays for damages after an auto accident.

If you don’t live in a “no fault” state, you may not be offered Personal Injury Protection (but if you are offered PIP coverage, it likely won’t be required by law).
PIP coverage from Metromile is currently available in New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington, so if you’re a low-mileage driver in these states (think less than 10,000 miles per year), you’ll be happy to know that you could save significantly by getting your PIP insurance on a pay-per-mile basis.

With Metromile, you’ll get the same state-approved coverage you’d get from any quality insurer, but you’ll likely pay less for it. (Metromile customers have saved an average of $741* per year on their car insurance.)
The less you drive, the less you pay. It’s a straightforward approach that could save you up to 47%* on your car insurance.

What does Personal Injury Protection (PIP) cover?

Could be covered

Various accident-related medical bills, such as ER visits, ambulance transports, surgeries, and dental work
Lost wages, if someone in your car is unable to work because of an accident-related injury
Physical rehabilitation costs and disability payments
Household services, such as childcare or house cleaning
Death benefits

Not Covered

Any damage to your vehicle
Property damage
Stolen vehicle
Any medical expenses that go beyond the PIP limit

How does PIP insurance work?

You’re in an accident

Imagine you get in an accident that takes you to the ER—for a total medical bill of $7,000.

You’ll file a claim

Did you cause the accident? Or live in a no-fault state? If so, you’ll file a claim on your PIP. (With Metromile, you can do this online.)

You get money for medical bills

Your PIP coverage will step in to pay reasonable medical expenses caused by the accident up to the coverage limit. Whew!

How much is personal injury protection (PIP) coverage?

Your rate for Personal Injury Protection depends on several factors—such as your driving safety record and where you are in the country.

When you choose pay-per-mile coverage from Metromile, you can get a bundle of important policies (including PIP insurance coverage, if it’s available in your area) for as little as 6 cents per mile—plus a low monthly base premium. It’s a straightforward, fair approach that’s saved Metromile customers an average of $741* per year.

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Why get personal injury protection coverage from Metromile?

• You could save up to 47%* on your car insurance coverage

• Clear communication and an easy-to-use app

• Get a quote in 5 minutes!

Personal Injury Protection insurance FAQs

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Which states require no-fault auto insurance?

Here’s a list of no-fault states—the states that require drivers to purchase no-fault coverage/Personal Injury Protection coverage:
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • Pennsylvania
  • Utah

What’s the difference between PIP and Medical Payments coverage?

It’s easy to get MedPay and Personal Injury Protection (PIP) confused, since they apply in similar situations! Here are a few key differences between the two coverages:

  1. Unlike PIP, MedPay follows the policyholder even if they aren’t driving. So you could still be covered for medical bills from other kinds of accidents (for example, if you get hurt while cycling).
  2. MedPay is just for medical expenses. It won’t cover other expenses that are covered by PIP (think lost wages due to an accident).

Do I need Personal Injury Protection coverage?

Here’s how to think through whether or not you need car insurance that pays for your injuries and accident-related expenses.

  1. Do you live in a no-fault state, such as New Jersey? If so, you’re required by state statute to have Personal Injury Protection.
  2. Do you have health insurance that covers auto accidents? If you don’t—or if your health insurance has a high deductible—Personal Injury Protection (if it’s available where you are) can provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll have help paying for medical bills after an auto accident.

See what customers are saying about Metromile

“Metromile has been a super saver for our family. Finally an insurance company who’s rates are based on my actual driving and not some crazy calculation of all drivers. I like only paying for the miles I drive.”

Michelle L.

“Love the app, love the pricing…especially since I take public transportation a lot. The coverage is much better than my previous insurer too, and it’s about 30% less.”

Ryan H.

“Metromile is an easy insurance company to deal with. They are quick and efficient with customer service contacts. If you don’t drive your car too much, Metromile is perfect for you. My monthly bill dropped by ~40% on average.
DISCLAIMER: I’ve never filed a claim with them. I have no idea what that process is like.”

Akshay S.