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Pay-per-mile car insurance in Phoenix

Driving in Phoenix can sometimes be an arduous task since the combination of traffic, hot weather, and roundabouts all require you to stay on your toes. Add in the chance of a monsoon wiping out your visibility on the road and it’s no wonder the state of Arizona requires drivers to enroll in car insurance. Since you can’t avoid paying this monthly expense, why not find a cheaper option?

Whether you’re a new or long-time resident of Phoenix, car insurance doesn’t have to make up a large portion of your budget. Instead of paying high fixed rates, especially during periods of time when you aren’t using your car, you can save with Metromile.
Those who use public transportation, work from home, or who simply don’t drive much can benefit from Metromile’s pay-per-mile pricing, with base rates that start as low as $29/month. You pay as few as 6 cents for each mile you drive — that’s it!

Say goodbye to hidden fees and skyrocketing rates with Metromile. Rather than pay for car insurance when you’re not driving your vehicle, drivers can gain the same peace of mind for a lot less. In just a few minutes, you can get a quote online and enroll in car insurance that puts you in control of your monthly premiums. See how Phoenix residents save up to $947 per year* with Metromile today!

Arizona coverage types and state minimum requirements


Bodily Injury Liability pays toward the injuries of others when you’re at-fault for an accident
Property Damage Liability covers damage to another’s property when you’re at-fault for an accident
Uninsured motorist helps cover your injuries after an accident when the at-fault driver is uninsured
Underinsured Motorist helps cover your injuries after an accident when the at-fault driver is underinsured
Medical Payments pays toward the medical costs of you and your passengers after a collision
Collision covers damages to your vehicle after an accident no matter who is at fault
Comprehensive coverage helps cover vehicle repairs after vandalism, theft, or fire
Rental coverage helps pay for a loaner car while yours is repaired
Roadside assistance can help with emergencies like flat tires or running out of gas

State minimum requirements

A minimum of $25,000 per person/$50,000 per claim
A minimum of $15,000 in coverage
Not mandatory in Arizona
Not mandatory in Arizona
Not mandatory in Arizona
Not legally required in Arizona — may be required by your lender
Not legally required in Arizona — may be required by your lender
Not mandatory in Arizona
Not mandatory in Arizona

What Phoenicians customers say

“I am brand new with coverage from Metromile. I have had coverage from Ameriprise through Costco so I thought I was getting a good deal. I don’t drive my car a lot, under 250 miles per month. I was able to drop my rate from $124.67 per month to $55.35. The signup process was super easy and my agent, Chris was polite and helpful without putting any pressure on. I mean, who needs pressure when you can save $831 per year with the same coverage. As long as they are great if a claim ever comes up I could not be happier.”

Terry M.
Chandler, Arizona

“The entire concept is revolutionizing the auto insurance industry. I’m blown away after paying so much through the years even if I was not driving that much! Very happy to have found Metromile.”

Abby S.
Phoenix, Arizona

“Good quality car insurance at reasonable prices!”

Katy A.
Phoenix, Arizona

“I didn’t travel very much, mostly to work, so I switched from paying $200 with StateFarm to around $50 a month with MetroMile ! My family thought I was crazy for trusting an insurance company that isn’t one of the biggest insurance companies. But these guys are legit. I was in an accident unfortunately, but they paid out in full ! I highly recommend them!”

Quinton K.
Phoenix, Arizona

“Love this car insurance company since I only pay for what I use. It’s great!”

Jaimie B.
Phoenix, Arizona

“Great company. I am only paying for the miles I drive. Pay per mile car insurance is a great idea! “

Karena J.
Phoenix, Arizona

What will pay-per-mile car insurance in Phoenix cost me?

Your Phoenix auto insurance is an expense that you probably aren’t excited about paying. Traditional car insurance companies don’t always do a great job at matching high prices with low-risk drivers, often leading to high premiums. Residents in Phoenix who don’t drive much shouldn’t have to pay high prices for auto insurance, and thankfully, there’s an affordable alternative.

Metromile takes the guesswork out of your monthly premiums with a pay-per-mile system that’s great for those who work from home or are retired. Simply pay a low base rate that starts at $29/month plus as few as 6 cents for each mile you drive. Get a quote today to see how much you can save!

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