Save up to $947/year with pay-per-mile car insurance in Portland

  • Car insurance that works with your lifestyle
  • Enjoy peace of mind with low monthly rates
  • You only pay for the miles you drive

Pay-per-mile car insurance in Portland

Portland is a bustling city full of adventure, being just a few hours away from the coast, mountains, and desert. And while you may love taking road trips or simply enjoying the view as you drive to work, chances are you don’t love how much you pay for car insurance. Oregon requires drivers to enroll in car insurance before getting behind the wheel but all too often, it can be unaffordable.

When shopping for car insurance, Portland residents have another option with Metromile. If you work from home, take the MAX everywhere, or have decided to retire in the City of Roses, why pay for coverage when you’re not using your vehicle? Metromile understands this and offers drivers base rates as low as $29/month.
You’re only charged for the miles you drive, which can cost as little as 6 cents per mile.

Now you don’t have to sacrifice great coverage just to be able to afford your monthly car insurance premiums. Metromile drivers have peace of mind knowing they’re protected in the event of an accident and enjoy having extra money each month to help fund their outdoor activities. 

If you telecommute, take public transportation, or simply don’t drive often, now’s the time to rethink your car insurance. Get a quote today and see how much you can save with Metromile.

Coverage options and state requirements in Oregon


Bodily Injury Liability helps pay toward the injuries of others if you cause a collision
Property Damage Liability covers others’ property or vehicle repairs if you cause a collision
Uninsured motorist pays toward your injuries if the at-fault party doesn’t have auto insurance
Underinsured Motorist helps cover your injuries if the at-fault driver’s insurance is too low
Medical Payments helps pay for injuries you and your passengers sustain after a collision
Collision covers your vehicle repairs regardless of who caused a collision
Comprehensive coverage helps pay toward vehicle damages sustained outside of an accident
Rental coverage covers the use of a rental vehicle while yours is in the shop
Roadside assistance covers emergencies like a flat tire or running out of gas

State minimum requirements

At least $25,000 per individual/$50,000 per incident
At least $20,000 in coverage
At least $25,000 per individual/$50,000 per incident
Combined with uninsured motorist coverage
At least $15,000 in coverage
Not required in Oregon, however, auto lenders may require it
Not required in Oregon, however, auto lenders may require it
Not required in Oregon
Not required in Oregon

What Portlanders customers say

“I have been very pleased with the response I have gotten for the small issues I have had. After 3 attempts to get a gadget that measures the mileage I drive ( 3rd one worked) I have had no problem since. Thank you to everyone”

Adele G.
Portland, Oregon

“This is the best move I have made in a long time. Metromile is an excellent concept, just as they state if you aren’t on the road as much as you used to be you can save lots of money. I save between 50% to 70% every month. Bunches every year…”

Angela O.
Portland, Oregon

“Metromile has worked out wonderfully for me since now that I’m retired and drive a fraction of my former mileage. I’ve saved several hundred dollars a year over what my previous insurance company had been charging me a high premium simply due to my age.”

Nancy H.
Wilsonville, Oregon

“It’s all about the bottom line. Very happy with my MetroMile experience.”

Sarasota D.
Portland, Oregon

“Cut my insurance bill in half! Nuff said! Though I must say it is really nice to be ONLY paying for the miles I actually drive!”

Bruce R.
Beaverton, Oregon

“Lower car Insurance fees, excellent service and peace of mind: add up to value.”

Yvonne C.
Portland, Oregon

How affordable is pay-per-mile car insurance in Portland?

When asking “how much does car insurance cost in Portland?“, Rose City residents now have another option. Conventional car insurance falls short when it comes to matching price to risk. Why should you be responsible for paying high premiums when you don’t drive as much?

When you apply traditional car insurance in Portland pricing to individuals who don’t drive much, it’s the drivers who come up short. Instead, Metromile offers the ideal solution for those who work from home or are retired, with a pay-per-mile pricing structure that can save you up to $947 per year*. Customers pay a base rate that starts as low as $29/month alongside per mile charges as low as 6 cents.

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Why get car insurance from Metromile?

∙ You pay a low base rate instead of high premiums

∙ Drivers can control their bill based on how often they drive

∙ Portland residents can save up to $947 per year*