Making every car a smart car.

Our driving app makes owning a car as seamless, affordable, and simple as it can be.

Smart Driving App

Your car is talking. Listen.

We’ll send you a free device to connect your car with our driving app, so you’ll have access to driving stats and smart services that 
save you time and money.


Optimize your trips

Check out how your speed varies on each trip, how much you spend on gas, and how long your drive takes. Even little changes in your commute can have a big impact.

Avoid street sweeping tickets

Our automated alerts tell you when you’re parked in a street sweeping zone. Currently available in Chicago & San Francisco.

Find your car in a flash

Always know where your car is parked and the ideal path to get there.

Keep your car’s health in check

Get diagnoses* of your car’s running condition, and find a local mechanic with a single click – all from your phone.

*this feature only available to per-mile insurance customers

Smart Driving App
Smart Car


The Metromile Tag device connects with your phone via iBeacon technology.

Per-mile insurance customers connect their Pulse device via the OBD-II port


With the device in place, our smart driving app shows your car’s data so you can make informed decisions about your daily driving.


The app can send you street sweeping alerts and show car location if you’ve forgotten where you parked.

Metromile Tag

Meet the Metromile Tag

If you aren’t ready for per-mile insurance you can still take a test drive with our free beta app. Sign up for a Metromile account, and we’ll send you the Tag device.

We take your privacy very seriously and never sell location or other personal information to third parties. Insurance customers can disable the GPS function of the device through their online dashboard. For more information, please see our privacy policy.

A’s for all your Metromile Tag Q’s

What is the difference between the Metromile Tag and Pulse (formerly Metronome) devices?

The Metromile Tag is a low-energy Bluetooth device that is placed in a user’s car and connects to a smartphone. The Pulse is for our per-mile insurance customers only, and plugs into the OBD-II port of the car. Both devices are used to deliver information about trips and car location to our driving app.

Will the Tag drain my phone’s battery power?

You may experience slight phone battery usage while driving with the Metromile Tag. The Metromile app is designed to use only 5% battery life per hour while driving. We recommend charging your phone in the car if you plan to take a long trip.

I already have the Metromile Pulse (OBD-II device); do I need the Tag?

No, you don’t need to have both devices. The main difference with using the Metromile Tag is that you won’t get car health information (diagnostic trouble codes). Otherwise, you’ll get the same great data about your trips as well as street cleaning alerts (in San Francisco and Chicago). If you currently have a Pulse and something happens to your device, we will still send you a replacement Pulse.

Can I still get the Metromile Pulse if I don’t want the Tag?

We provide the Metromile Pulse, our OBD-II device, to our per-mile insurance customers. If you are interested in per-mile insurance, please learn more here.