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Pay-per-mile car insurance in Fremont

Situated just a short drive away from plenty of museums, restaurants, and even the beach, Fremont is a wonderful place to live. While this community is certainly smaller than some of its neighboring cities, there are still times when plenty of people are on the road, making it essential that you have car insurance.

Fender-benders could happen in the blink of an eye and can be very expensive, making car insurance a must. Plus, California requires it anyway.

Before you get behind the wheel to embark upon a weekend adventure or visit your favorite place to eat, you may want to ask yourself if your car insurance is meeting your needs.
Traditional car insurance companies aren’t always the best at matching risk and price, leaving Fremont residents sometimes paying more than they should. Finally, there’s a low-cost alternative.

Metromile helps Californians save up to 47%* on car insurance using a pay-per-mile pricing system. With Metromile car insurance, Fremont drivers pay a base rate that starts as low as $29/month plus as few as 6 cents for each mile driven. Instead of paying the same rate each month no matter how often you drive, Metromile puts you in control of your car insurance premiums.

If you’re retired, telecommute, or just don’t drive much, get a quote today to see how much money you could save with Metromile!

California coverage types and state minimum requirements


Bodily Injury Liability helps with the medical costs of others if you cause a collision
Property Damage Liability covers another person’s vehicle or property damage if you cause a collision
Uninsured motorist pays toward your medical bills if the at-fault driver isn’t insured
Underinsured Motorist helps pay for your injuries if the at-fault driver doesn’t have enough insurance
Medical Payments helps cover the injuries of anyone in your vehicle after a collision
Collision helps cover your vehicle repairs no matter who caused a collision
Comprehensive coverage helps pay for repairs due to theft, fire, or vandalism
Rental coverage pays for a loaner vehicle if yours is in the shop
Roadside assistance can help in emergency situations like running out of gas

State minimum requirements

$15,000 limit per person/$30,000 limit per accident
At least $5,000 in coverage
Not required in California
Not required in California
Not required in California
Not required in California but may be required by your lender
Not required in California but may be required by your lender
Not required in California
Not required in California

What Fremont customers say

“I switched to Metromile 1 yr ago. Love it. Pay per mile is the way to go. This granular billing is great for consumers and added bonus is its fun to track all your trips. Saved ~40%. Have not had to file any claims yet.”

Derek N.
Fremont, California

“Being a low mileage driver, Metromile makes sense since I get great deal”

Kelly I.
Fremont, California

Although l didn’t realize I would be driving back and forth to Sacramento to visit my daughter who recently had a beautiful baby boy, which accumulates an average of 200 plus miles. Metromile’s rates are still the best. I haven’t had to call on them for anything yet. But I bet it’s still going to be a good experience dealing with them because it was a good experience just signing up. Thanks, Metromile.”

Evelyn I.
Fremont, California

“I don’t drive much and paid $166 a month for my new Ford 4×4. It didn’t matter if I told them I only drove 5,000 miles a year! Now, I’m averaging around $75 a month for the exact same coverage. I still can’t get over this, the savings are incredible! I feel as if I’m ripping off Metromile. I can’t be happier!”

Richard B.
Fremont, California

“I am happy with accessibility and ease of your app. Pricing is amazing. I highly recommend Metromile.”

Dorothy D.
Fremont, California

“Pay for the miles you drive and see the saving cost compared to other companies.”

Carlos O.
Fremont, California

How much does pay-per-mile car insurance in Fremont cost?

Figuring out your budget can be a tall task and expensive bills can make planning even more difficult. If you’re trying to determine how much car insurance is in Fremont, you might be surprised to learn that you don’t have to set aside a large chunk of your budget for this one expense. Instead of enrolling with a traditional car insurance company, consider Metromile.

Using a pay-per-mile system of pricing, Metromile has helped drivers save up to $947 per year* on their premiums. Here’s how it works: you pay a base rate that starts at $29/month along with as few as 6 cents for each mile you drive. Now, you can take control of your car insurance bill and free up money in your budget for other things.

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