Save up to $947/year with pay-per-mile car insurance in Oakland

  • Car insurance that works with your lifestyle
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  • You only pay for the miles you drive

Pay-per-mile car insurance in Oakland

Nestled in the Bay Area and close to just about everything a person could need, the city of Oakland is a great place to live, work, or retire. While BART and AC Transit can help you to get from A to B, it’s nice to have the freedom that comes with owning a car. Even if you only hit the road for an occasional weekend trip, California state law requires you to have car insurance, but it’s often more expensive than you’d expect.

When it comes to shopping for car insurance, Oakland drivers don’t have to worry about being forced to pay expensive premiums. Metromile provides a different way of enrolling in car insurance with a pay-per-mile system that may help you save hundreds per year.*
Base rates start as low as $29/month and you pay as few as 6 cents for each mile you drive. 

Metromile helps drivers feel confident when they get behind the wheel — they know that they’re protected by great coverage and only pay for car insurance when they need it the most. From telecommuters and retirees to those who simply don’t drive much or prefer riding the bus, some Metromile customers have saved up to 47%* over traditional car insurance rates. Take a few minutes to get a quote today and see how much you can save!

California coverage types and state minimum requirements


Bodily Injury Liability pays toward the injuries of others if you cause an accident
Property Damage Liability helps pay for damages to another’s car or property if you’re at-fault
Uninsured motorist helps cover your injuries if the at-fault driver isn’t insured
Underinsured Motorist pays toward your medical costs if the at-fault driver doesn’t have enough insurance
Medical Payments helps to cover the injuries of anyone in your car after an accident
Collision helps repair damage to your vehicle no matter who caused a collision
Comprehensive coverage helps pay for repairs caused by theft, fire, or vandalism
Rental coverage helps pay for a rental car if yours is being repaired
Roadside assistance can help if you run out of gas or get a flat tire

State minimum requirements

At least $15,000 per person/$30,000 per collision
At least $5,000 in coverage
Not required in California
Not required in California
Not required in California
Not required in California but could be required by your lender
Not required in California but could be required by your lender
Not required in California
Not required in California

What Oaklander customers say

“Just pay for miles you use is awesome idea, especially people like me who doesn’t drive much per month. Thanks for saving my money each month.”

Bandon K.
Oakland, California

“I don’t use my car much and that’s why I got this insurance in the first place. There were some issues with the device but they dealt with everything and seriously no regrets getting their pay per mile coverage! Love it”

Monica H.
Oakland, California

“The new module mileage tracker works well, as it has since replaced the older version which was not working well.”

Frank C.
Oakland, California

“Great rates and super easy to work with! I wish they had been around when I first started driving!

Ellen K.
Oakland, California

” I wished I had known about Metromile a long time ago. I advise anyone who doesn’t drive that often to get Metromile pay per mile coverage. I would rate them five-star”

Lavoyce G.
Oakland, California

“Overall I am very satisfied. I love watching how cost can go down when I have weeks where I drive very little. It seems that I am covered and taken care of by Metromile. Thanks!”

Brenda C.
Oakland, California

How much can I save with pay-per-mile car insurance in Oakland?

If you ask someone, “How much is car insurance in Oakland?”, the answers you get may surprise you. Traditional car insurance companies don’t always do the best job of matching pricing with risk, and if you’re a low-mileage driver, that could leave you paying a much higher premium than you should be.

Alternatively, Metromile can help some Oakland drivers save up to $947 per year* with pay-per-mile pricing that puts you in control of your car insurance premiums. Motorists pay one low base rate that starts at $29/month plus as few as 6 cents for each mile driven. Don’t drive much one month? Embarking on a road trip the next? Your car insurance costs will reflect exactly how much you drive, allowing you to budget that much easier.

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Why Oakland residents love Metromile?

∙ Possible savings of up to $947 per year*

∙ Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have great coverage

∙ A quick and easy claims process