Save up to $947/year with pay-per-mile car insurance in San Francisco

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  • You only pay for the miles you drive

Pay-per-mile car insurance in San Francisco

Driving along San Francisco’s steep, narrow streets can be stressful, but your car insurance doesn’t have to be. If you operate a vehicle in this city, you’re required to have auto coverage not only to protect your own vehicle but also to help pay for others’ repairs in the event of an accident. Even if you only hit the road every so often, it’s important to have the peace of mind that comes with great car insurance.

But if you work from home, are retired, or mostly use Muni to get around, traditional car insurance doesn’t make sense. Why pay a high premium while your car stays parked? That’s why San Francisco drivers love Metromile, since it provides robust coverage at super-affordable prices that are based on how often you drive.
Here’s how pay-per-mile car insurance in San Francisco works — you get great coverage at a base rate that starts at $29/month. Whether you go to the grocery store or have a picnic at Golden Gate Park, you only pay for the distance you drive (which starts at a mere 6 cents per mile).

Metromile gives drivers the confidence that they’re protected behind the wheel without paying flat fees for conventional insurance they won’t fully use.

When it comes to car insurance, San Francisco residents are in control of their monthly premiums with Metromile. Get a quote today to see how much you can save.

California coverage types and state minimum requirements


Bodily Injury Liability pays toward the injuries of others if you cause an accident
Property Damage Liability helps repair another’s vehicle or property if you cause an accident
UMBI helps pay for your injuries if the at-fault driver isn’t covered by auto insurance
Underinsured Motorist helps pay for your injuries if the at-fault driver’s coverage is too low
Medical Payments pays toward the medical costs of you or your passengers after a collision
Collision helps with the cost of repairing your vehicle no matter who caused an accident
Comprehensive coverage pays toward your vehicle repairs after vandalism, theft, or fire
Rental coverage may help pay for a loaner car while yours is being repaired
Roadside assistance offers help if you break down or run out of gas

State minimum requirements

$15,000 limit per person/$30,000 limit per accident
At least $5,000 in coverage
Not required in California
Not required in California
Not required in California
Not required in California, however, your lender may require it
Not required in California, however, your lender may require it
Not required in California
Not required in California

What California customers say

“Even with my clean driving record, other insurers have not been able to come close to the value I have with Metromile. I’m driving as much as I need to and still save hundreds of dollars a year with Metromile.”

Robert M.
San Francisco, California

“We live in San Francisco and only use the car on occasional weekends, so Metromile is perfect for us. We park on the street and get texts to tell us when there is street cleaning.

Emily P.
San Francisco, California

“I don’t drive tons, but I do a few roundtrips from San Francisco to Tahoe here and there. I have saved myself around $300/year on auto insurance.”

Rennea C.
San Francisco, California

“I have a car that is garaged most of the time. This is a great alternative for people like my self. Love the GPS location and notifications for car trouble and street parking. My car was stolen and found within two hours. My claim was also resolved promptly and with courtesy.”

Moises V.
San Francisco, California

“No guessing. Always prudent. Great communication. Excellent rates.”

James G.
San Francisco, California

“Great and commendable when one does not drive that much.”

Ernesto F.
Emeryville, California

How much does pay-per-mile car insurance in San Francisco cost?

New residents, first-time drivers, and others living in the Bay Area often ask: “How much is car insurance in San Francisco?” Traditional car insurance models base your rate on a number of factors, such as the make and model of your vehicle, the types of coverage you select, and the frequency of accidents in your area. Metromile has simplified things and made car insurance more affordable.

San Francisco residents who work from home, are low mileage drivers, or who often use public transportation can pay a base rate as low as $29/month with Metromile. Anytime you drive, you’re charged as little as 6 cents per mile, giving you full control of your monthly bill. Only pay for the miles you drive and save up to $947 per year*.

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