Save up to $947/year with pay-per-mile car insurance in San Jose

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  • You only pay for the miles you drive

Pay-per-mile car insurance in San Jose

With all of the things to do and see, living in San Jose can be very exciting. Public transit in this Bay Area city is excellent, but sometimes, you may just want to drive places in your own vehicle. It’s illegal in California to drive without having car insurance, yet the prices of traditional coverage in busy cities can come with some sticker shock.

What are Bay Area residents supposed to do when car insurance takes up more of their budget than they’d like, especially when they don’t drive often? Instead of getting rid of your vehicle or paying high premiums, you can start saving today with Metromile. Using a pay-per-mile pricing system, Metromile can help San Jose drivers save up to 47%* on their car insurance.
If you work from home, are retired, or use public transportation often, Metromile is for you. Drivers pay a base rate that starts as low as $29/month along with as few as 6 cents for each mile you drive. When it comes to car insurance, San Jose drivers don’t have to be stuck with traditional insurers and their conventional methods of pricing.

Get a quote today to see how much you save with Metromile. For many San Jose drivers, it offers the perfect balance of great coverage with affordable rates. Now, you can keep your car and enjoy peace of mind every time you get behind the wheel — for less!

California coverage types and state minimum requirements


Bodily Injury Liability helps with others’ medical costs if you’re at fault
Property Damage Liability covers someone else’s vehicle or property repairs if you cause an accident
Uninsured motorist helps cover your medical expenses if the at-fault driver is not insured
Underinsured Motorist helps pay for your injuries caused by a driver with nominal coverage
Medical Payments covers the medical expenses of anyone in your vehicle after an accident
Collision pays toward fixing your car no matter who caused an accident
Comprehensive coverage covers vehicle repairs that occur from vandalism, theft, or fire
Rental coverage pays toward the use of a loaner car while yours is being repaired
Roadside assistance can help if you experience flat tires or mechanical breakdowns while traveling

State minimum requirements

$15,000 limit per person/$30,000 limit per accident
At least $5,000 in coverage
Not required in California
Not required in California
Not required in California
Not required in California but may be required by your lender
Not required in California but may be required by your lender
Not required in California
Not required in California

What San Joseans customers say

“If you drive less than 10 miles per day, you should get Metromile! Their rates are much better than all the other companies, especially if you drive less than 10 miles per day or don’t drive everyday. As a single, under 25 male, they took me from $200 a month with my previous provider to ~$110.”

Alex B.
San Jose, California

“Metromile is great for my driving needs since I don’t drive much. This allows me to save a lot more than traditional insurance companies. I highly recommend them.”

Raymond H.
San Jose, California

“Excellent insurance. Always know at any given time what your insurance costs are for the month, where your car is and how much fuel you have. In addition, should there be any mechanical malfunctions, you know about those instantly.”

Graham R.
San Jose, California

“My insurance premium was in the hundreds, despite having excellent driving history. After switching to Metromile, I saw savings that were upwards of 70%! I can also track my car’s location and view it’s fuel level within their app.”

Karthik G.
Mountain View, California

“I was on vacation so my car lost the signal with Metro… I received text to notify me… I called and informed them that I was away and they gave a week to reactive the signal before I would be charged extra $$.
No hassles”

Rafael D.
Mountain View, California

“I am saving loads of cash by using Metromile! I own three vehicles but drive little so this insurance is God Sent.”

Joseph C.
San Jose, California

How much does pay-per-mile car insurance in San Jose cost?

How much is car insurance in San Jose? It’s a common question among drivers there, but the answer isn’t always the same. Some residents find that their insurance providers don’t do a great job matching pricing with risk, often leading to monthly premiums that are pretty high. If you’re trying to save money, Metromile can help.

Whether you work from home, are a low-mileage driver, or are retired, Metromile’s pay-per-mile pricing system could help you save up to $947 per year.* Once you sign up, you’re charged a base price that starts at $29/month. Then, you pay as few as 6 cents for each mile you drive. And that’s it! Say goodbye to hidden fees and outrageous prices, and hello to car insurance that works for your lifestyle.

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