Save up to $947/year with pay-per-mile car insurance in Santa Clara

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Pay-per-mile car insurance in Santa Clara

If you own a car in Santa Clara, there’s never been a better time to rethink your car insurance bill. Does it have to be one of your biggest monthly expenses? Metromile’s answer: no, it doesn’t! They’ve helped drivers save hundreds of dollars a year on their insurance!

Legally, if you own a car, it has to be insured, even if you don’t drive often. But Metromile thinks that for car insurance, Santa Clara drivers should have it a lot easier than it may be now, all without cutting any corners on coverage. 

Metromile helps drivers save with its pay-per-mile system. There’s a base rate as low as $29 per month, and as few as 6 cents per mile driven on top of that.
This flexibility is what could lead to a drastically lower monthly bill, all while delivering great coverage that you can customize yourself.  

Maybe you use VTA’s buses or trains, maybe you work from home, maybe you’re retired. In any case where you just don’t take your car out a lot, that’s where Metromile comes in to make your monthly insurance bill a lot friendlier to your budget.

Get a quote online today to see how much you can save with Metromile. Santa Clara residents could cut their car insurance bills by up to $947 each year!*

California coverage types and state minimum requirements


Bodily Injury Liability helps cover medical bills of others if you cause an accident
Property Damage Liability covers someone else’s vehicle or property repairs if you cause an accident
Uninsured motorist helps with your medical bills if the driver responsible is uninsured
Underinsured Motorist helps pay for your injuries caused by a driver with nominal coverage
Medical Payments helps with medical bills for you and your passengers after an accident
Collision pays toward fixing your car no matter who caused an accident
Comprehensive car insurance helps pay for vehicle repairs after a fire, vandalism, or theft
Rental coverage pays toward the use of a loaner car while yours is being repaired
Roadside assistance can help if your car breaks down or runs out of gas

State minimum requirements

$15,000 limit per person/$30,000 limit per claim
A minimum of $5,000 in coverage
Not required in California
Not required in California
Not required in California
Not required in California but your lender may require it
Not required in California but your lender may require it
Not required in California
Not required in California

What Santa Clara customers say

“For those of us who drive infrequently and seldom long distance, this is a minimal cost plan that fits our standard of living.”

Anthony S.
Santa Clara, California

“I really like their rates since I drive less than 10,000 miles/year”

Debra H.
Santa Clara, California

“I’ve had Metromile for a year now, maybe a little longer and it’s been a good experience overall. Their rates are really good!”

Luke N.
Santa Clara, California

“Love how this Auto Insurance Company works. All items available on the webpage. They value your time and make it simple. My first accident ever happened this year. They still love me.”

Mary E.
Santa Clara, California

“I switched from a major insurance carrier and have been very happy. This is how all companies should operate!”

Sue E.
Santa Clara, California

“And as always timely professional dealing with my issue. Very happy with metromile and I continue to recommend to all my friends and family.”

Sean O.
Santa Clara, California

How much does pay-per-mile car insurance in Santa Clara cost?

Considering that many people aren’t driving as much these days, it’s reasonable to ask “How much is car insurance in Santa Clara?” Conventional car insurance can seem a little unfair with the same hefty, arbitrary payment month after month. Thankfully, that’s where Metromile comes in — great coverage that may come at a lower cost than you’re used to.

This all happens through Metromile’s pay-per-mile system: a monthly base rate as low as $29 and as little as 6 cents per mile on top of that — and that’s it! It’s simple math, and it can save low-mileage drivers as much as $947 each year.* If you work from home, use VTA’s buses or trains, or just don’t drive a lot, Metromile’s worth checking out.

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∙ Low base rates start at $29/month

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∙ Potentially save hundreds per year*