Save up to $947/year with pay-per-mile car insurance in Beaverton

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Pay-per-mile car insurance in Beaverton

If you own a car in Beaverton, it’s always nice to drive out and see nature or explore the other west coast cities. But if you’re going to get behind the wheel at all, you have to have insurance. 

Keeping your car coverage can be pricey, but it doesn’t have to be! For auto insurance, Beaverton has Metromile — a fairer insurance system for today’s drivers.

Metromile has a pay-per-mile system based on a simple concept — why pay a lot if you don’t drive a lot? Instead, there’s a low monthly base rate (as low as $29) and as few as 6 cents per mile on top of that.
It’s that easy, and there’s no hidden fees. You tell us what sort of coverage you want, and then claims and customer service are at your service around the clock.

If your car spends more time in the garage these days, Metromile is an alternative to traditional auto insurance that may help your wallet. It’s already saved some drivers up to hundreds of dollars per year*, so get a quote and see how much you can save!

Coverage options and state requirements in Oregon


Bodily Injury Liability helps pay for others’ medical bills if you’re responsible
Property Damage Liability helps pay for another’s vehicle or property repairs if you’re responsible
Uninsured motorist helps with your medical costs if the responsible driver isn’t insured
Underinsured Motorist helps with your medical bills if the at-fault driver is underinsured
Personal Injury Protection helps pay for injuries you and your passengers sustain after a collision
Collision helps with your vehicle repair bills, no matter who was responsible
Comprehensive coverage helps with repair costs after things like fire, vandalism, or theft
Rental coverage helps cover for a rental car while yours is being repaired
Roadside assistance pays to send help if you have a vehicle breakdown

State minimum requirements

At least $25,000 per individual/$50,000 per incident
At least $20,000 in coverage
At least $25,000 per individual/$50,000 per incident
Combined with uninsured motorist coverage
At least $15,000 in coverage
Not required in Oregon, however, auto lenders may require it
Not required in Oregon, however, auto lenders may require it
Not required in Oregon
Not required in Oregon

What Beaverton customers say

“So far, SO GOOD! I am a recent convert, but so far am pleased with your business, and plan to stay. Happy Holidays! BJN”

Beverly A.
Beaverton, Oregon

“I don’t drive much so pay-per-mile insurance is a great fit…. thanks for the savings”

Malley M.
Beaverton, Oregon

“I am so happy with my car insurance bill. I switched to Metromile after my move. Esurance was going to increase my premium by $10 to $93, even though I told them I’d be driving much less, and be in safer location. Metromile has a base cost of $43 for full coverage on my truck, plus roadside assistance, I pay .05 a mile after that. My first month bill is $45.91, I drove 50.1 miles. Ha ha ha. If you don’t drive much I highly recommend Metromile their customer service is great. I have an app on my phone that shows me exactly where my car is parked, and a current daily record of miles driven for the month. Two thumbs up”

Dianne L.
Beaverton, Oregon

“I feel more secure knowing I have good insurance and road side assistance!”

April A.
Beaverton, Oregon

“I like my coverage plan; however should you wish to lower my base rate, I would not say no!”

Rebecca J.
Beaverton, Oregon

“I’m glad i found you. You guys are the best! I only had to use road side service once, but it was a life saver.”

Ken R.
Beaverton, Oregon

How much will I spend on pay-per-mile car insurance in Beaverton?

If you own a car in Oregon, you may have thought “How much is car insurance in Beaverton?” If you’re looking for fair pricing on great coverage, the answer may be Metromile.

Metromile wants to give you more control over your car insurance bill. It has a pay-per-mile insurance where you only pay for what you use. There’s a base monthly rate as low as $29 a month, then as few as 6 cents per mile on top of that. This has led to some drivers saving up to hundreds of dollars per year*!

And just because it’s easier on your wallet, you’ll still have excellent coverage. You make your plan exactly as you want, and customer and claims support are at your service whenever you need.

If you find yourself not driving as much as you used to, there could be big savings to take advantage of. Get a quote and see how much you can save!

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Why get car insurance from Metromile?

Here’s why drivers love Metromile

• You could save up to 47%* with pay-per-mile insurance coverage

• Clear communication and an easy-to-use app

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