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Pay-per-mile car insurance in Philadelphia

Driving around Philadelphia’s congested streets is no small task, and whether you’re on your way to class at one of the area’s universities or you’re simply craving a cheesesteak, a car accident could happen at any moment. That’s why Pennsylvania drivers are required to carry car insurance — not only to help pay for their own repairs and medical expenses but also those of others involved.

There’s no question that you have to have car insurance to drive anywhere in this city, but when it comes to the cost of car insurance, Philadelphia residents are often shocked when they see their first bill. This expense can be even more discouraging if you don’t drive much, especially if you telecommute or utilize public transportation regularly.
Instead of paying for car insurance when you aren’t driving, there’s another option to consider.

Metromile makes it easy to save on your car insurance premiums with a pay-per-mile pricing system. Base rates start as low as $29/month and you’re charged as few as 6 cents for each mile you drive. Drivers who use Metromile find that they still have exceptional peace of mind when they get behind the wheel, knowing that Metromile has them covered if something happens.

Get a quote online today to see how much you can save with Metromile. Philadelphia residents could cut their car insurance costs by up to $947 each year!*

Pennsylvania coverage types and minimum requirements


Bodily Injury Liability pays toward another person’s injuries if you’re found at fault
Property Damage Liability pays toward another’s vehicle or property repairs if you’re found at fault
Limited or Full Tort coverage determines your ability to sue an at-fault party
Uninsured motorist helps cover your medical costs if the at-fault party isn’t insured
Underinsured Motorist helps pay your medical costs if the at-fault party doesn’t have enough coverage
Medical Payments pays toward the medical expenses of you and your passengers after an accident
Collision helps pay for vehicle repairs after an accident, no matter who was at fault
Comprehensive coverage covers vehicle damage caused by theft, vandalism, or fire
Rental coverage pays toward a loaner vehicle while your car is being repaired
Roadside assistance can help in emergency situations like running out of gas or breaking down

State minimum requirements

$15,000 per person/$30,000 per accident in coverage
$5,000 in coverage
Required in Pennsylvania
Not required in Pennsylvania
Not required in Pennsylvania
$5,000 in coverage
Not required by the state but may be required by your lender
Not required by the state but may be required by your lender
Not required in Pennsylvania
Not required in Pennsylvania

What Philadelphian customers say

“One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
Great rates and spectacular customer service.”

Kim S.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Metromile is the best car insurance company I’ve dealt with. I’m glade I made this choice.”

Diane H.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Great service. They picked up my car earlier than they stated and dropped it off without any problems.”

Diane H.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Being a senior with this type of insurance saves me a great deal of money. You really don’t know how good any insurance company is until you have to file a claim and the aftermath that follows. So for me right now I just pay my monthly bill and enjoying the savings.”

Ardith L.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Very good car insurance company no complaints.”

Tristan P.
Perkasie, Pennsylvania

“Excellent service! I used their rental car service and the only minor challenge was the wait time to get a customer representative on the phone”

John D.
Malvern, Pennsylvania

How much will I spend on pay-per-mile car insurance in Philadelphia?

Many drivers are used to paying for traditional car insurance, where pricing and risk aren’t always evenly matched. This can become expensive fast – especially if you’re retired, work from home, or just don’t drive much. Rather than devote a large portion of your budget to car insurance, Metromile could help you save up to 47%* each year.

How much is car insurance in Philadelphia, you ask? With Metromile, it’s a lot more affordable than you might think. Base rates start as low as $29/month, then, you pay as few as 6 cents for each mile you drive. There are no hidden fees, letting you be in total control of your car insurance premiums. Get a quote today and start saving with Metromile!

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Why Philadelphia residents love Metromile?

• You gain control of your car insurance premiums

• Enjoy peace of mind behind the wheel

• You could save up to $947 per year*