Metromile to the Rescue

We recently received this letter from customers who had their car stolen (boo!) but because Metromile was able to help locate the vehicle, they were able to get it back (yay!) with help from the police.

Hi Metromile,

I wanted to write you a note to thank you for your amazing product last night. Our car was stolen early Wednesday morning. The thieves took it and went to Potrero Hill, Bayview, Excelsior, and back to Bayview. They were apprehended in a dead end in Bayview, inside our car. They had loads of stolen goods in the car – our and others – and had also parked some other stolen cars in the area.

The police are ecstatic. They rarely catch the perps, so they’re hopeful this could blow the ring of car thieves wide open. And we have Metromile to thank for all of it. You see, when I noticed the car was stolen, I immediately opened the app and saw it was in the Bayview. I called the police and told dispatch of its location, but I had to call back several times because the vehicle was moving. Eventually two police officers showed up at our house and followed along with the moving dot in the app. They radioed to other officers every time it moved.

We realized there was a bit of a delay in the live location, so my partner Ryan called Alex at Metromile to see if she could get more accurate readings. Alex was amazing. Even though she couldn’t help us get a live location, it seemed like her dot was a bit ahead of ours. With her help, the police were able to pounce as soon as the car came to a rest in Bayview. The other car will be returned to their owners, along with the stolen goods. And it’s possible that many future crimes have been prevented. I’ve taken screen grabs of all the trips shown in the app since our car was stolen, and they will be used to solve other crimes and as evidence against the criminals that did this. None of it would have happened if I didn’t have Metromile. So, you have our sincere gratitude for the amazing product that you provide.


Jordan V and Ryan H