The Best Spots to Catch a Flick In Your Car on National Drive-In Movie Day

Some old school practices have thankfully fallen by the wayside (think: having to hang up the house phone every time you used the internet). But other outdated customs are thankfully experiencing something of a renaissance. Case in point: drive-in movies. Believe it or not, June 6 is National Drive-in Movie Day, and whether you miss the fun of catching flicks from your front seat, or you’ve never had the pleasure of pulling up to an outdoor cinema, now is the perfect time to grab some popcorn and put the car in park for a nostalgic adventure.

Here are eight must-visit drive-in theaters for Metromile customers to enjoy:

  1. West Wind Capitol Drive-In, San Jose, CA. This truly retro Northern California landmark first opened in 1952, and the family-friendly facility also features playgrounds, arcades, and of course, supremely stocked snack bars. There’s nothing antiquated about West Wind’s technology, though —the fully-digital drive-in features state-of-the-art digital projectors and screens that are way bigger than typical indoor theatres.


  1. Harvest Moon Twin Drive-In, Gibson City, IL. This sweet venue about two hours south of Chicago invites guests to sit out, grill, and have a good time Friday through Sunday nights from Memorial Day through August 9th.


  1. Delsea Drive-In Movie Theatre, Vineland, NJ. Built in 1949, closed in 1987, and reopened in 2004, the Delsea Drive-In is New Jersey’s only drive-in movie theatre (although RIchard Hollingshead opened the very first one in America here in 1933). The facility is open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.


  1. 99W Drive-In Theater, Newberg, OR. The 99W Drive-IN has been through a lot: its first screen was lost in the Columbus Day Storm of 1962 and its second screen lasted until another storm knocked it down in 1990. But now, the site is one of a few remaining drive-ins in Oregon, open from late April/early May through late October.


  1. Shankweiler’s Drive-In Theater, Orefield, PA. This is it: the oldest remaining drive-in theater in America! Shankweiler’s has been in continuous operation since 1934. Nowadays, the theater has a modern vibe, with HD Digital technology and high-quality sound equipment.


  1. Park Place Drive-In Theater, Marion, VA. Built in 1954 and operated until 1983, the Park Place Drive-In went dark for nearly two decades and was then resurrected to be bigger and better in 2000. It’s still going strong today.


  1. Auto-Vue Drive-In Theatre, Colville, WA. The state has just a few drive-in theaters left, and this one has been serving customers since 1953.


  1.  West Wind Drive-In, Glendale, AZ. Another West Wind location locals love is in Glendale, AZ. Like other West Wind drive-ins, this one hosts fun events like pajama parties and Customer Appreciation Night when all movies are free!    

Ready for some drive-in nostalgia but need to make sure you’re insured first? Visit today to get your free quote.

Dump the Pump and Discover Other Ways to Get Moving

No matter how much you love your car, chances are you hate filling up the gas tank. But we get it — sometimes it’s hard to break the driving habit. That’s why at Metromile, we love the idea of Dump the Pump Day, a national holiday sponsored by American Public Transportation Association (APTA) and public transportation systems across the country that encourages people to ride public transportation instead of driving.

While June 20 is the official day to celebrate Dump the Pump by riding the bus, taking the train, and finding other ways to step outside your vehicle, we think reducing the number of miles you drive is always a good idea (that’s why we specializing in offering low-cost coverage to people who keep their mileage low). In case you needed some extra motivation to leave the car in the garage and find other ways to get around, here are some stats that might inspire you this Dump the Pump Day and beyond:

  • According to the latest APTA Transit Savings Report, a two person household living with one less car can save more than $9,700 a year on average.
  • Taking public transportation, walking, or biking, can go a long way in reducing your carbon footprint.
  • When you’re not focused behind the wheel, you can kick back, relax, read, or spend some extra time on work during your commute.
  • Spending your dollars on public transportation versus car insurance is a great way to support the community and help boost the local economy.
  • If you’re looking for a simple, free way to get fit, start walking! Research shows walking improves cardiac risk factors and decreases mental stress.
  • And of course: you’ll save a ton of cash. It’s no secret that gas prices are sky-high. According to reports, the cost of gasoline for 1,000 miles of driving is about $150.53 for a large SUV and $79.44 for a small car. Skip all those fill-ups and you could save a significant chunk of change by the end of the year.

If you’re ready to find an insurance plan that fits your low-mileage lifestyle, visit today for a free quote.

Does Your Car Insurance Change When You Get Married?


Does Getting Married Impact Your Car Insurance Costs? 

For better or worse, your car insurance rates may change when you get married.

bouquet assorted-color flowers


Research shows married couples are generally deemed “less risky” by auto insurers and can be eligible for discounts on auto insurance premiums. Even if you previously shared a car insurance policy, you could still be eligible for additional discounts. However (and this is a big however), if your partner has a history of bad driving, this could negatively impact your combined insurance rate moving forward.


Um… file this under “things I didn’t know before getting married.” As a newlywed, I was confident we had everything under control. We filed the paperwork with our city clerk’s office, I went through the steps to change my last name to his, we filed our taxes jointly, and we moved our health insurance over to my new husband’s plan. Things were going swimmingly.


Now, eight months into my new marriage and I find out that we could’ve been saving money on our car insurance this entire time? Cool. The one time being married may actually cost us less and I had no idea.


Now onto you – are you newly married or getting married soon? Did you know that your car insurance premiums could rise or fall once you get married? No? Join the club.


Here’s a little background on why this is the case. If you and your spouse have stellar driving records and no recent gaps in your insurance coverage, you are considered low-risk drivers and therefore will pay less in auto insurance premiums. Sit down together and review your policies. Then, check to see if you can get a better quote. Being a safer driver could actually improve both your relationship and the cost of your insurance.


Did you know that insurers often view married drivers as more responsible than single drivers? In fact, one study suggested that single drivers were twice as likely to be involved in a drinking and driving accident than married drivers. I’ve also read that rates can drop for people under the age of 25 when they tie the knot. I can’t speak to this from personal experience, as both my husband and myself were 28 when we got married – but the data is there.


There are times, though, when merging car insurance policies after marriage isn’t prudent. If one of you doesn’t have a squeaky-clean driving record (hey, no judgment!), it might be better to keep your policies separate. Merging policies may actually increase your rate overall. Why? Because there is risk-by-association. So even if your spouse drives their own car, there may be rare instances when they need to drive your car, and therefore become a higher risk.

As a Metromile customer, I checked with its Customer Experience team hoping I’d score a marriage discount. The rep let me know it didn’t apply to us because we were already getting Metromile’s best rate. Though I was disappointed, it was nice to know that our car insurance rate was the most competitive offered by Metromile. Our premium and per-mile rate are determined by our car model, location, and the fact that both my husband and myself are responsible, low-mileage drivers.


The bottom line: remember that your car insurance rates may change once you’re hitched, and do your homework to make sure you’re getting the best rate.


Not part of the Metromile fam yet? Click here to grab a free quote and see how much money you could be saving! Already a Metromile customer? Refer your friends and family to Metromile and make some extra cash. Be safe out there and see you on the roads.

How to Keep Your Pet Safe in the Car


It’s hard to imagine many things more purely joyful than seeing a dog eagerly watch the world go by through a car window. While you probably know all the ways to keep your human passengers as safe and sound, do you know the best ways to protect your pet? Check out these essential tips before you next hit the road with Fluffy or Fido.



  1. Know your state’s laws. Every state is different when it comes to legal issues around transporting pets in vehicles. Police in New Jersey, for example, can stop and fine drivers up to $1,000 if they feel they’re improperly transporting animals. Hawaii law states that drivers can’t have dogs in their laps, and at least 14 states and additional local jurisdictions have made it illegal to leave animals in cars unattended. Finally, no matter where you live, laws in almost every state indicate that if a pet causes you to crash your car, it will be considered a distracted driving violation. So before you bring your furry friend in the car, brush up on the potential legal pitfalls.


  1. Get the right crate or carrier. Kitties and other creatures that aren’t used to the great outdoors will probably feel more comfortable in a cozy carrier. While there are countless options when it comes to pet carriers, you want to make sure you purchase one that’s big enough for your pet to comfortably move around in, meaning they can sit, stand, recline, and turn. One way to reduce the chance of on-the-road freakouts is to allow your pet to get familiar with the crate or carrier at home, before it makes its debut in the car.


  1. Consider a seatbelt. Yes, seriously! If your pup is prone to scoping out the scenery and/or is way too big to be confined to a carrier, then you may want to make sure they buckle up. You can order special crash-tested harnesses online for a variety of animal sizes, but make sure you read up on which breeds are best suited for which belts.


  1. Bring the essentials. Just like humans need adequate hydration, snacks, and safety supplies, pets deserve their own pack of must-haves. Always remember to bring food, a bowl, any necessary medication, a pet first-aid kit, waste scoop and plastic baggies, and maybe a special toy to soothe homesickness.


  1. Keep them close by. It’s just not a good idea to ever leave your pet alone in a parked car. Even if you leave the windows open, your vehicle can heat up on a hot day and put your animal in danger of heatstroke. On the opposite end of the spectrum, freezing cold temperatures can threaten your pet as well. If you have to hop out for a quick errand, it’s always best to take your pet with you.


  1. Turn off your power windows. You want to minimize as many hazards as possible when you have an animal in the vehicle, and while it seems unlikely, it’s not unreasonable for a smaller pet to press the power window button and jump from the moving car. It’s also a slim but real possibility for the window to automatically close on their necks. So avoid the potential danger completely and disable your power windows before taking your pet on the road.


  1. Stop often. If you’re taking a long trip, you’ll want to keep your pets needs in mind. Just like you need to make pit stops, your pet does too, and may need to make them more frequently. Schedule in regular bathroom breaks, meal times, and exercise sessions. And when you’re behind the wheel, make sure your pet always has easy access to water.


Looking for more travel tips for you and your human passengers? Check out the Metromile blog for everything from insurance FAQs to budget advice and more. Happy travels!

Earth Day


We love getting customer feedback, and this particular note made us smile. Chloe, who lives in Los Angeles, said, “I think it’s amazing how you can see your exact mileage at any point. As my friend, another Metromile customer, said, ‘I actually think twice about driving because I can see the mileage.’ I’d say that’s probably the case for a large amount of customers, so rounded up you guys are helping to decrease drivers’ carbon footprints. Pretty awesome.”

With Earth Day passing yesterday, you too might be considering how your driving habits can be a positive step toward getting greener. If so, by choosing Metromile you’ve already made a step in the right direction.


The true definition of a carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases you produce from your activities over a given period of time. Greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere, and too much of that heat is what’s behind our global warming crisis. If you’re wondering what contributes to your carbon footprint and subsequently impacts damage all over the world, it’s just about everything from how much water you use to how much meat you’re eating to — yup, you guessed it — how much you’re driving.


So, driving less reduces your carbon footprint and helps the environment — it’s that simple. And because Metromile’s pay-per-mile model encourages you to drive less and save more, it’s a natural fit for anyone looking for a way to give some extra love to the planet.


We’ve also designed our app to be an easy-to-read dashboard displaying your current mileage at all times. It takes just a quick glance at your stats to see how your miles (and dollars) are stacking up each month. If you’re noticing a higher bill than you’d like to budget for, you can take immediate action and cut back on your behind-the-wheel time. If you’re trying to make a conscious effort to reduce your carbon footprint, sneak a peek at your dashboard and set a goal to keep your driving miles low each month. Mother Earth will thank you (and so will we).


We hope that’s a bit of extra motivation to be mindful of your miles. Be green, save green.

6 Habits for A Healthy New Year

It’s never a bad idea to implement positive, healthy changes in your life, but no time of year has that fresh slate feeling quite like January. Declaring “new year, new me!” may seem cliche at this point, but self-improvement is a sincerely worthy goal (whether you post about it on social media and hashtag the heck out of it or not). And while resolving to write that movie script you know will make you millions is certainly a worthy objective to work toward, setting small, actionable intentions that benefit your overall wellbeing are worth their weight in gold.

Woman running on path next to body of water. Blue sky

Here are six to get your 2019 started off on the right foot:

  1. Eat a healthy and diverse diet.
  2. Unsurprisingly, January ‘tis the season for weight loss brands to target just about everyone with get-thin-quick plans and gimmicks. At best, most restrictive diets are ineffective in the long run; at worst, they’re dangerous. Rather than falling prey to marketers and influencers trying to sell you their “groundbreaking” food plans, consider opting out of diet culture altogether and focusing on what really matters: feeling your absolute best. Barring any allergies or specific sensitivities, most people thrive on a diet plan that consists of common sense choices and a nutritious array of mostly-plant-based options (with the occasional treats thrown in to stave off potential restriction-induced binges).

    A good guide for integrating healthier options: renowned health writer Michael Pollan’s “food rules,” which include, “don’t eat anything your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food,” “don’t eat anything that won’t eventually rot,” and “don’t eat anything with more than five ingredients, or ingredients you can’t pronounce.” So maybe try stocking up on more colorful fresh produce of all kinds and cutting back on the processed stuff.

  3. Drink plenty of water.
  4. Celebrities swear it’s the reason for their clear skin, and just about every wellness blogger claims to consume a gallon a day: H2O. While it may not eradicate zits or solve all your problems, water is a majorly important component in helping your body process waste, regulate temperature, lubricate joints, and protect sensitive tissues. While each person’s individual water needs may vary, sipping consistently throughout the day any time you’re thirsty is a good idea. Exercise, environment, and certain health conditions will affect your total intake needs, but try tuning into what your body is telling you and remember that beverages like herbal tea and juice can keep you hydrated too. And fruits and veggies are packed with water — another reason to include more of them in your diet!

  5. Aim for 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week.
  6. You’ve heard it a million times: physical fitness is an essential part of overall health. And it’s true: exercise can do everything from reduce your risk of heart disease to regulate your blood sugar and insulin levels and more. It can even help boost your mood and sharpen your cognitive skills.
    And it doesn’t take too much to reap the benefits: experts recommend getting at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity each week in addition to twice-weekly strengthening sessions.

    But according to a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 22.9% of U.S. adults between the ages of 18 and 64 are meeting the guidelines. Whether people are intimidated by the gym or stuck in all-or-nothing thinking that convinces them to stay on the couch unless they’re ready to run a marathon, too few people are taking part in physical fitness. The good news is you don’t have to chain yourself to a treadmill to get results. Recent research indicates that short bursts of activity throughout the day count toward your overall goal. So take the stairs, park a few blocks away from your destination, walk with friends, and just keep moving as much as you can.

  7. Spend more time outside and less time online.
  8. Look, we’re all guilty of falling into a swiping/scrolling spiral, sinking far too many minutes (or hours) into our tech devices and depriving ourselves of the great outdoors. But getting outside (and off your phone) is so important for your health. According to a report published in 2018, exposure to “greenspace” (i.e. undeveloped land with natural vegetation, including parks) reduced the risk of type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, premature death, preterm birth, stress, and high blood pressure. On the flip side, too much screen time has been linked to impaired vision, disturbed sleep, serious posture problems, and more. Consider logging off and getting some vitamin D (the “sunshine vitamin” that’s crucial for healthy bones, teeth, immunity, and more) — just be sure to wear sunblock!

  9. Get a good night’s rest every night.
  10. Ah, sleep. That critical piece of the wellness puzzle that seems to always get overlooked. We all know we need it, yet so many of us are skimping on the 7-9 hours most adults need (more than one-third of us, actually). But sleep is a non-negotiable must for good health because it allows your body to repair, heal, and recover from the stress of everyday life. Not to mention lack of adequate sleep can negatively impact your motivation, mood judgement, and perception of events.

    There are a slew of ways you can start cleaning up your sleep hygiene, but one important tip is to ditch tech, as studies have shown the blue light emitted from screens and electronics can suppress your body’s natural production of melatonin, the hormone that controls sleep-wake cycles. Other tips harken back to some of the health goals here: integrate more exercise, balanced eating into your life and you might just find yourself drifting off to dreamland with ease.

  11. Drive less (and save more!).
  12. Everyone loves to save a few bucks (maybe it’s another one of your new year’s resolutions?), but budgeting is always better when there’s a health bonus involved. Enter Metromile: the pay-per-mile car insurance that’s perfect for low-mileage drivers. By stepping up your daily walking, jogging, biking, and more, you might find yourself keeping the car parked in the garage more than before. And while that might seem wasteful if you’re shelling out tons of cash on a monthly insurance premium, Metromile makes sure you’re only paying for the miles you actually drive, on top of a low monthly base rate. So no guilt, better, health, and more money in the bank. Sounds like a win all around — what a way to start the year!

    If you’re ready to stop overpaying for car insurance and start fresh in 2019, visit for a free quote or call 1.888.242.5204 to talk to a qualified agent. And if you’re already a Metromile customer and you’re looking for more ways to save, contact an agent online or by phone to talk about all the options out there.

How To Make the Most out of Daylight Saving Time This Spring

There’s something a little bit magical about this time of year. The dark veil of winter is finally lifting – we’re all able to crawl out of our caves where we’ve been loafing to get a few more hours back in our day! To be honest, our bodies have been in hibernation mode a little too long and the fact that it’s Girl Scout Cookie season does not help matters. So while we may lose an hour of sleep in the mornings (shhh…), what we gain in Vitamin D is enough to make anyone forget about that little tidbit – after all, we’ve got a lot of life to catch up on and a lot of cookies to burn off!


In preparation for setting our clocks forward this Sunday, March 11, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite ways to make the most of Daylight Saving Time this spring.

    • Take the long way home.Who wants to be stuck in traffic for an hour when the spring weather is begging to be enjoyed? Ditch the highway for the back roads and catch a scenic drive that would have otherwise been missed in the dark. We’re holding onto the days of cruising with the windows down, the tunes up, and our cell phone relegated to our back pocket. Oh, and Metromile has you covered with their 24/7 roadside assistance, should anything happen while you’re out on the roads!
    • Go for an extra-long stroll in the park. Going for a long walk in your local park is the perfect way to leave behind all the struggles of your day and see some nature while you’re at it. If you have a pup, be sure to bring her along – your furry companion will most certainly appreciate the extra opportunity to stretch and play outside!
    • Meet friends for happy hour outside. Now that it’s staying lighter later, it’s the perfect excuse to rally your friends to try that new bar with the outdoor patio. Plan to meet after work for a drink at happy hour and relish the extra time you get to spend with your closest pals enjoying the extra hour of daylight.
    • Get in an extra workout. If working out in the mornings makes you want to die (same), the lighter days may leave you more energized to exercise after work. Ditch the gym or SoulCycle for an outdoor yoga class, boot camp, or light jog. Since it will be light later into the evening, you can safely incorporate this extra workout without feeling uneasy about nighttime prowlers.
    • Ride your bike home. Riding your bike when it’s dark outside is a risky game of will-they-or-won’t-they see me and should probably be avoided, if possible. However, once Daylight Saving Time goes into effect, it opens up all kinds of new possibilities. Try riding your bike home from work a few days a week and see just how refreshing it is to be outside in the fresh air again!
  • Clean up outside. If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor area and it’s looking a little worse for the wear after winter, it’s time to get out there and get sprucing! Use the extra hour after work to clean up outside and get your outdoor area ready for enjoying and entertaining. Then once it’s tidy, you can host happy hour at your place after work!

There are so many things to do with the extra hour of daylight – from scenic drives to meeting friends for happy hour al fresco, we’ll be using that extra daylight to the fullest here at Metromile. Don’t forget to set your clocks forward an hour this Sunday and see ya outside!

Julianne Cronin is a Bay Area freelance writer, content creator, and founder/editor of the women’s lifestyle site, The Wink. You can find her working on her capsule wardrobe, collecting cacti, and trying out the latest beauty products on Instagram

5 Tips for a Happy and Healthy Year

Believe it or not, we’re already one month into 2018 and those resolutions you set last December are now being put to the real test. If you, like many hopeful goal setters, vowed to be happier in the new year, then you’re probably now figuring out how to achieve that feeling of well-being by finding balance in all the busy parts of your life.


Happy people know that it’s important to allow equal time for work and play, but it’s not enough to have a killer job or a packed social calendar; to achieve true happiness, you have to be up for all that life throws at you, and that means being mentally and physically strong. To truly ensure you spend the next 11 months living up to those awesome resolutions, follow these simple tips to be happy, healthy, and motivated all year long:

    1. Start every day off right. Let’s be honest: that first less-than-healthy habit is always the start of a slippery slope. It’s so much easier to justify an afternoon candy fix or a nighttime ice cream overdose when you start your day on the wrong foot food-wise. Nip this problem in the bud before it begins by having a healthy, balanced breakfast to quiet hunger pangs and set you up for success. Not a breakfast person? Then be sure to have plenty of nutritious snacks (like fruit and nuts) on hand in case you crave a bit before lunch.

    2. Schedule stretch breaks. It sounds simple, but just calendaring time to step away from your computer can make a huge difference in how you feel, both mentally and physically. Get some coffee, shake out your wrists, or sneak in some steps by taking a walk around the block.

    3. Rethink your idea of exercise. If toiling away on the treadmill makes your skin crawl, then it’s time to find an activity you actually enjoy (and actually do). Dance, sports, yoga, and even brisk walking all count as exercise, so experiment and find a way to move for at least 30 minutes every day.

    4.Take time to unplug. Being constantly connected can be completely exhausting; find a few minutes (at least!) each day to put your phone away, shut the laptop, and enjoy the world around you. Walk to your coworker’s desk rather pushing “send” on yet another email; meet a friend for coffee and leave your phone in your bag; have a group dinner and ask everyone to put their phones out of sight during the meal – you’ll be amazed at how much life you can miss staring at a screen.

    5. Say thanks. Just because Thanksgiving is a single-day celebration doesn’t mean we should reserve our gratitude for just one holiday. Studies have found that feeling grateful can boost your mental and physical health – and it provides that nice warm fuzzy feeling we all love so much. Try keeping a gratitude journal, making a point to say a heartfelt thank you to your servers and baristas, or simply thinking about all the things you’re thankful for. Just a few seconds of appreciative energy can totally shift your mood.

If you haven’t exactly been nailing your resolutions, don’t stress – just start following these simple steps and see how much better, more balanced, and prepared you’ll feel. And just one more bonus tip for you: If you haven’t gotten quote with Metromile to see your savings, get one now. Eliminating that one major financial headache known as car insurance from your life will go a long way in improving your mood and putting a bounce in your step. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2018!

Michelle Konstantinovsky is a San Francisco-based journalist/writer/editor and UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism alumna. She’s written extensively on health, body image, entertainment, lifestyle, design, and tech for outlets like Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Teen Vogue, O: The Oprah Magazine, Seventeen, and a whole lot more. She’s also a contributing editor at Fitbit and the social media director at California Home + Design Magazine. She is an avid admirer of shiny objects, manatees, and preteen entertainment.

5 Productivity Hacks for 2018

Hear that? It’s the universe telling you 2018 is your year. Or, okay, maybe it’s the sound of your old car’s brakes telling you it’s time for an upgrade. But either way now is the time to make some major changes to improve your life.

Every January gives you the opportunity to start again; you’ve got a total fresh slate to create a life you truly love. Coming up with some clearly defined goals can be the first step in achieving success. But once you’ve got those goals in place, how exactly do you go about making them a reality? Well, you could dedicate every waking minute to hard work, pouring blood, sweat, and tears into each desired outcome…or you could hack your way to a brighter future.

Taking shortcuts to boost your productivity is the key to getting way more bang for your buck and reaping more benefits in less time. If you’re not sure how to become an efficiency machine and knock out all your goals for 2018, start implementing these 5 productivity hacks and watch your dreams come true:

    1. Hide your phone. We know, it sounds cruel, tough, and maybe even impossible, but your smartphone is totally getting in the way of your productivity. According to one study, the average user checks his or her device 221 times a day. If you’re guilty of scrolling through Instagram or swiping on Bumble when you’re trying to hit a deadline, consider putting your phone far out of reach while you work — at least temporarily.

    2. Block off time on your calendar. We’re used to reserving calendar slots when we have calls or meetings with other people, but why not consider solo work time just as sacred? Make appointments with yourself each day to answer emails, return calls, read documents, etc. Do your best to only do those tasks within the allotted windows (that means ignoring inbound emails that might disrupt your flow during a reading session, for example). Not sure you can commit? Make it tougher to be tempted by distractions: turn off your smartphone notifications and zone in to the task at hand.

    3. Tackle the big stuff first. Everyone loves to cross an easy task off the to-do list (make coffee – check!), but taking on the most important issues first will allow you ample time and energy to do the best job possible. Not to mention the satisfaction you’ll enjoy later in the day knowing the work you dreaded most is already done.

    4. Rely on templates. Ever feel like you’ve written the same email 100 times? You probably have. If you regularly churn out the same copy or create nearly identical documents, spreadsheets, or even text messages, start streamlining your efforts. Invest the time necessary to make go-to templates and gain back tons of time in your day.

    5. Meditate. It may sound counter-intuitive, but setting aside fifteen minutes each day to just sit and breathe can cause your productivity to skyrocket. According to one study, human resource managers who received eight weeks of mindfulness training wound up less stressed and more able to concentrate on tasks than their counterparts who didn’t receive the training. Regardless of your profession or any preconceived notions you may have about meditation, creating some space for breath and awareness in your day can have a major impact.

Simple steps? For sure. But the effects of these seemingly minor changes can be monumental. By focusing on your goals and using these hacks to achieve them, you’ll have more time, feel more fulfilled, and find yourself hitting all kinds of major milestones all year long.

Looking to make more changes to your life in 2018? Why not switch to Metromile for a new kind of car insurance experience. Get a free quote now.

Michelle Konstantinovsky is a San Francisco-based journalist/writer/editor and UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism alumna. She’s written extensively on health, body image, entertainment, lifestyle, design, and tech for outlets like Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Teen Vogue, O: The Oprah Magazine, Seventeen, and a whole lot more. She’s also a contributing editor at Fitbit and the social media director at California Home + Design Magazine. She is an avid admirer of shiny objects, manatees, and preteen entertainment.

10 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Be Proud Of

What’s your New Year’s Resolution? It’s a brand new year, which means every status update in your newsfeed is about to be a declaration of self-improvement. But as you watch everyone and their mom vow to clean up their diets, maximize their gym memberships, and/or finally delete their dating apps, you may be seeking something slightly less internally focused. Sure, more juice cleanses and spin classes are perfectly fine New Year’s resolution, but if you’ve been there, done that, and would rather find ways to better the world around you, you’re in luck. Here are 10 totally selfless resolutions that you’ll be proud of all year long:

    1) Donate to a resource you rely on. Ever looked up a random fact on Wikipedia? Why not pitch in a few dollars to support the totally free trivia so many of us take for granted? Appreciate the work a local nonprofit is doing? Drop a few bucks so they can continue helping out the community. Still a fan of print journalism? Great! Subscribe to your favorite publications.

    2) Tell someone you love them every day. Maybe refrain from fawning over the stranger in the toothpaste aisle just to meet your daily quota, but if you have a mom, dad, grandparent, sibling, friend, or pet that you feel affection for, express it.

    3) Purge your closet once a quarter. This one borders on being a tad self-improvement-oriented since you’ll gain back tons of previously occupied square footage in your home, but donating clothes and household items you no longer need can make a major difference in someone’s life.

    4)Find your passion and fork over some time. Not all donations need to be monetary; find a cause you care about and investigate ways to help. Organizations like VolunteerMatch make it easy to filter nonprofits by location and topic, and you can even find ways to volunteer virtually if trekking to a physical location isn’t in the cards.

    5)Show gratitude on a regular basis. Saying “thank you” is simple, but the effect can be monumental. Make it your mission to make people feel acknowledged and appreciated, whether they’re refilling your water at a restaurant or sending you home with homemade leftovers (thanks, mom).

    6)Integrate ethical shopping into your routine. Not all manufacturers are created equal, and by putting your dollars behind the ones who care most for animals, the environment, employees, and more, you’re helping to shift the paradigm. The Good Shopping Guide is one way to start seeking out products that align with your values.

    7)Craft more. Rather than wasting your crochet skills on yet another scarf your significant other won’t wear, consider lending your talents to a good cause. Organizations like Project Linus, Ryan’s Case for Smiles, and Dress a Girl Around the World count on crafty volunteers to create wares kids in need.

    8)Foster a furry friend. Okay, this one could be a bit self-serving as well, but temporarily bringing home a rescue pet is an important way to ease their transition into forever homes.

    9)Code for good. Channel your tech-savvy skills into positive action. Code for America has opportunities throughout the country for volunteers to address community issues through innovative solutions.

    10)Throw a party. Brightening Birthdays is a program through Volunteers of America that holds special celebrations for kids and families who have experienced homelessness. Help make someone else’s milestone memorable.

Finding ways to better the world around you isn’t as daunting as it seems, but if sticking to your new selfless resolutions poses a bit of a challenge, the key is to start small, and stay specific. Once you open your eyes to all the worthy causes around you, the urge to help can be overwhelming and maybe even paralyzing. Rather than getting caught up in the abundance of need, pick just one or two resolutions that resonate most with you and commit to regular, consistent action. And don’t forget to document your progress — celebrating your selflessness is totally allowed, after all.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Say it loud and proud in the comments below. And if one of your goals is to stop spending so much money on car insurance, then it’s time to check out Metromile. You’ll pay a low base rate and pennies per mile, and have access to our smart driving app’s awesome features. Get a free quote now and prepare to start saving.

Michelle Konstantinovsky is a San Francisco-based journalist/writer/editor and UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism alumna. She’s written extensively on health, body image, entertainment, lifestyle, design, and tech for outlets like Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Teen Vogue, O: The Oprah Magazine, Seventeen, and a whole lot more. She’s also a contributing editor at Fitbit and the social media director at California Home + Design Magazine. She is an avid admirer of shiny objects, manatees, and preteen entertainment.