5 Tips to Prevent Distracted Driving

Did you know that April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month? Familiarize yourself with the tips below to prevent distracted driving. They might not be revolutionary, but they will ensure you aren’t in the 80% of people who admit they engage in blatantly hazardous activity while driving.

5 Tips to Stop Distracted Driving

Here are 5 ways to keep you and those around you safer on the road:

  1. Put down the phone. It’s enticing to check your phone every time it beeps, but if you are behind the wheel, don’t do it. Here’s a scary stat: driving a vehicle while texting is now 6x more dangerous than driving drunk. Even if you have a really urgent message, wait to text until your car is parked. If you are traveling with a passenger, you can ask them to be your messenger!
  2. Traffic isn’t an excuse. For those of you who inevitably sit in traffic every day, using idle time to maximize your morning routine (i.e. putting on makeup, perfecting your mustache) is tempting. Again, don’t do it. Give yourself a few extra minutes each day to finish getting ready before you dash out.
  3. Check out Metromile’s Driving Insights feature. Metromile uses sensor technology and machine learning to understand and analyze driving behavior in near real-time. Driving insights are featured prominently in the Metromile app and available for all Metromile policyholders. In one tap, policyholders can see their phone usage score, displayed on a scale of 1 to 100 with higher scores indicating safer behavior, and tailored tips based on their actual observed driving. Tips include guidance to avoid distracted driving and on-the-road phone use.
  4. Use better directions. We get the reliance on your favorite maps app, especially if you are embarking on a road trip or heading somewhere new. Familiarize yourself with the suggested route before starting your car, and since most map apps will read the instructions aloud to you, there should be no reason for you to ever look at the screen again.
  5. Snack smarter. You leave work famished, so you stop to grab something to tide you over until dinner. However, one hand on the wheel and one hand holding a burger means you’re less likely to maneuver with skill. We aren’t nutritionists so aren’t going to advise on changing your eating habits, but do whatever it takes to not eat while driving. Added bonus: less ketchup spills means less money spent cleaning.

As cool as Metromile’s app is, we don’t condone using it while driving either. Stay safe out there and put down that phone!