Meet Our Summer Insurance Interns

This past summer Metromile’s Insurance Team launched a paid internship program, recruiting two rising college juniors to assist the team in actuarial work and immediately bringing them on to real-time projects compiling and analyzing data to calculate Metromile’s insurance risks and premiums.

Interns Breanna (L) and Ian (R) spent eight weeks working with Metromile’s Insurance Team.

After members of Metromile’s Insurance and Actuarial Team advertised the internship program to actuarial clubs across college campuses, rising juniors Breanna and Ian were motivated to apply and were chosen from a large pool of talented applicants.

The eight-week program consisted of weekly training sessions around insurance basics, one-on-one check-ins with managers, two main projects centered around actuarial data and product management, and even virtual games on Fridays. 

“We got to wear a lot more hats at Metromile than we would at a bigger company and had the chance to see both the data and product management sides of Metromile,” Breanna said, while Ian joked that “the weekly insurance training taught us a lot, probably more than school.”

Breanna, a financial actuarial math major, helped her team create a dashboard to compare Metromile’s rates against industry averages to ensure savings for Metromile customers and strive for the fairest rates in the insurance space. In tandem with her data project, Breanna joined a product management team in forming a rating manual for a new state Metromile is planning to expand into. 

Over the summer, Ian helped the Metromile team develop new premium structures and established a new rating system for a state Metromile plans to expand into later this year. And inspired by customer feedback, Ian helped a product management team create a new in-app dashboard to enable customers to monitor policy changes.

For Breanna, it was the people that made her experience so rewarding; her managers and team members were easily accessible for any question – big or small. “My learning curve was huge because I came into this not knowing that much about the specifics of auto insurance, so just being able to see what people were doing every day was super helpful,” Breanna said.

As for Ian, he said that “the past eight weeks have been the most I’ve ever enjoyed learning about something.” At Metromile, Ian felt support and encouragement from his teammates and was able to have a real impact on the insurance team.

We’re so glad we got to work with such great, young talent and introduce them to the world of auto insurance. Thank you, Breanna and Ian, for all your hard work this summer, and good luck with your fall semester!