More Data: It’s Time to Break Up with Your Car Insurance

It’s not you, it’s me. Or is it? Breaking up can be hard, no matter how long you’ve been in the relationship. Recently, we researched how people manage interpersonal relationships and how that compares to their relationship with auto insurance. Our survey of 2,008 adults in the U.S. aged 18 years and older included some surprises.

One in five Americans (a whopping 21%!) think it’s more challenging to find a new auto insurance provider than break up with their significant other!
About half (47%) of Americans have stayed in a relationship with their auto insurance provider for as many as five years, but only 26% have stayed in a relationship with their significant other for the same amount of time. Let that sink in for a moment — many of us are more committed to our insurance provider than we are with our romantic partners!
Evaluating your relationship with your car insurance provider is important. If you can’t remember the last time you thought about your insurance, it might be time to re-evaluate (and possibly break up with) your insurance provider.
Nearly a third of Americans (29%) are not aware of the baggage that comes with marrying someone with a less-than-favorable driving record. 
Additionally, we discovered that roughly a third of women (31%) of all ages are unaware of the impact of their spouse’s driving records on their auto insurance rates. When two become one, the same goes for their car insurance policies. 
Did you know that your spouse’s driving record will affect the premium that you might pay? A poor driving record could increase your car insurance premium. It is critical to discuss driving records with your spouse to prevent any unpleasant surprises after you tie the knot.
Nearly 60 percent of American women of all ages have stayed with their insurance provider for more than five years. Only 53% of American men have done the same.
We were surprised: It seems women are more likely to stay the course with their car insurance provider and to remain committed, even when the waters might get rough. Whatever the case may be, every person should feel empowered to evaluate their relationship with their car insurance provider regularly. If your car insurance is no longer meeting your needs, it may be time for a fresh start with someone new.
61% of women between the ages of 45 – 54 rated discounts for being a low mileage driver as an important quality in a new car insurance provider – compared to just half of men.
We found that women are more likely to prioritize savings and customer service when it comes to auto insurance. Saving money and being a low-mileage driver isn’t gender-specific. By switching to Metromile, everyone (regardless of gender) can benefit from our low-mileage driver discounts and incredible customer service!
Bottom Line
Male or female, it makes no difference – everyone deserves access to the best care and car insurance. Whether you’ve been in a relationship with your current car insurance provider for five months or five years, take a moment to re-evaluate if they are meeting all of your needs. Breaking up with your car insurance provider isn’t hard to do, and grabbing a free quote only takes a few minutes. It’s time for a new beginning – cheers to trying something new!
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Julianne Sawyer is a freelance writer, app producer, and real-life Metromile customer living in the San Francisco Bay Area.