How to Use the Metromile Dashboard


Being car owners ourselves, we’re working hard to make Metromile the fairest and most loveable insurance on the planet. Case in point: in designing our online dashboard, we’re striving to make it a one-stop shop for all things related to your policy.  It’s easy to access online or right from your mobile app, so whether you need to change your coverage, view your bill, or do anything in between, we encourage you to get to know this handy hub.

Here are the features to know on your Metromile online dashboard:


The breakdown of your bill. Take a glance at the dashboard and you’ll see a graph that correlates your bill with your daily mileage. You can quickly get a recap on all the trips you’ve taken in your billing cycle, and if you click on a specific date, you can even see an interactive map depicting a visual snapshot of your travel that day. Have multiple vehicles on a single policy? No worries — you can easily toggle between them to view detailed info for each, see how each trip affects your monthly bottom line, and adjust your driving accordingly.


Adding and removing drivers and vehicles: Through the dashboard, you can quickly and easily add or remove drivers and vehicles. It’s as simple as clicking a link (in this case, the links are helpfully titled “add or edit drivers” and “add or edit vehicles”; they’re found on the “policy tab” of your dashboard.


Adding and removing lienholders: The policy tab is also where you can add lienholders (the person who leased your vehicle to you, if that’s applicable), make changes to your coverage, review your documents, and add or edit mailing and garage addresses.thatd 


Manage claims: A loss or policy event is stressful enough, so we’ve tried to take the stress out of the process. File and manage claims in minutes via the dashboard. In the claims center, you’ll find a printable accident checklist to stash in your car.  You’ll know exactly what to do in the event of an unexpected run-in and can file a claim online anytime, anywhere.


See you on the road!