Car Insurance for Newlyweds

It’s wedding season! As couples everywhere tie the knot, they begin to combine their things: their space, their finances, their names, their car insurance. Here are some things to consider when combining car insurance.

joint car insurance

Consider all your options: Chances are, you and your husband may feel some loyalty to the insurance you were already using. Weigh your options for both insurance companies, and check out a few other insurance companies. Get a quotes on adding your significant other to your insurance. Some companies offer discounts for married couples, while others may offer breaks for multiple cars or safe driving records. You’ll want to be sure you are looking at the full picture.

Consider per-mile insurance: If you don’t drive a lot, pay-per-mile insurance could be a great fit for you and your partner. Low mileage drivers save on average $500 a year! You’ll also turn your car into a smart car with our driving app – where you can check your bill, learn about your trips and driving trends, and even diagnose check engine lights. Interested? Get a free quote here.

Consider your coverage: Do you need comprehensive and collision, or just liability? Not sure? Comprehensive coverage covers all incidents that aren’t considered “accidents” like weather or vandalism damage. Collision coverages covers your vehicle in the event of damage due to an accident. Liability insurance doesn’t cover your car, but covers damage to another person resulting in an accident you cause. Learn more about making the right coverage decision.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!