Why I Work at Metromile: Behind the Scenes with Prachi Shah

Three months after Prachi Shah joined Metromile, the company transitioned to remote work in response to COVID-19. At many companies, the change would have made getting to know teammates and building strong relationships tougher. But according to Prachi, that was not the case at Metromile.

“I feel connected with my colleagues as we have built trust and established effective communication, even though it’s all done during remote work. When we were in the middle of the pandemic, many employees were stressed, which was impacting their mental health. Metromilers did their best to stay connected as well as establish a culture of positivity and motivation during those tough times,” she said. “I think that kept us going because, while we were social-distanced, we had our team.”

Prachi has been a software engineer and a technical leader for more than 11 years, primarily working at financial-technology firms. After spending many years in fintech, she wanted some change, she said. When she found Metromile, “it just clicked, and everything worked out very well.”

Prachi is a senior software engineer working on the quote experience team. From the moment you visit Metromile.com and start a quote through enrolling in a policy, you are interacting with the product Prachi has built. She is also working on expanding Metromile’s footprint, leading efforts to expand the quote experience to more states. 

“It’s a very high visibility, high-pressure team. For me, this is great because that’s how I naturally operate, and so I fit in very well. I’m working at my highest potential, and I know I can do better, so I have to keep on learning,” Prachi said. “At the end of the day, when I do meaningful work and make an impact, then I’m the happiest, and I have a sense of fulfillment.”

The culture at Metromile contributes to a great work environment for employees and measurably better products and services, Prachi said. Teams have evolved to break down traditional silos, so the best ideas make it into production.

“Metromile has a great mix of talented individuals who have diverse backgrounds, experiences and ideas. I work with individuals who are adaptable, open-minded, understand priorities and always go that extra mile for our customers. I think that is the biggest value of Metromile: smart thinkers and leaders add valuable contributions to our products and services.”

For Prachi, the size and operating norms of the company also make a difference. 

“Compared to some bigger firms, working at Metromile is different because I not only solve good technical challenges, but I learned the domain very well and became a subject matter expert,” she said.

As Prachi looks toward her two-year anniversary with Metromile, summing up her experience and advice for others came naturally to her.

“If you want to level up, solve interesting problems, and contribute to products that make a difference, then the whole culture at Metromile is set up for you to do that. Metromilers have plenty of chances to make meaningful decisions, showcase their work, and get the required support and appreciation from their peers. No idea is rejected. Everyone’s perspective and ideas are listened to.” 

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