Welcome Adam Harrington, VP, Marketing

We’re excited to welcome Adam Harrington on board as our new VP, Marketing on the Growth team, where he’ll be leading the teams that catapult our community of happy drivers into its next phase of growth. 

Adam joins us from the east coast—he’s a born and raised Bostonian—and is an insurance veteran, joining us from a large insurance carrier where he built key marketing functions from the ground up.

Welcome Adam Harrington, VP, Marketing

Why Metromile? “The insurance industry has gone practically unchanged for decades and Metromile is challenging the status quo with their pay-per-mile model. I had written out my vision for the next phase of my career and I wanted to work for a company that’s building a customer-first, digitally native product. It feels good to market a product that gives customers peace of mind and a fair, flexible price.”

The chance to work on a car insurance product that’s priced for the changing world excites Adam. There’s no reason for insurance to stay the same. 

We asked Adam what convinced him to make the switch. “I believe in Metromile’s product philosophy. And when you believe in a product, you believe you can help it grow. We know our style of insurance can be sold profitably—it’s just a matter of getting it in the hands of more drivers.”

“There’s an opportunity to make auto insurance less commoditized, more personalized. And by doing that we create fairer pricing for everybody that’s based on their true behavior.”

The chance to work on a product that’s fair and flexible means a lot to Adam, especially when that flexibility can transform what often feels like a legally obligated bummer into something better, or actually delightful. In a changing world, it’s actually possible to really like your insurance and your insurer.

His impression so far? “The team is incredibly talented and I’m excited to dig in. Everyone believes that Metromile is making the world better, and is working towards a shared vision.  They truly care about the customer.”

We asked Adam about his vision for marketing at Metromile. “Create a brand that our employees and customers are proud of, and that meets drivers where they want to do business with us.”

Here’s to bringing that vision to life, Adam. Welcome on board!