Welcome Gina Minick, VP, Telematics

Metromile is proud to welcome Gina Minick on board as our new VP, Telematics on the Product team. Gina is an auto insurance veteran, starting her career at Progressive, building multiple iterations of telematics products at Allstate from the ground up, and most recently leading the telematics product team at Arity.

“Telematics is the future of auto insurance,” says Gina. “The data is so powerful. We know it’s the most predictive data that we can use to assess risk. Having telematics at the forefront of our insurance product at Metromile is so exciting.”

Why join Metromile? Simply put: the opportunity to have a direct impact on the customer. “In the past, I was helping insurance companies design their telematics programs for their customers. Here, I get to create products that live into Metromile’s unique pay-per-mile offering.”

Metromile’s telematics data delivers business value—helping us price risk more accurately, shortening the claims cycle, and extending the customer lifecycle. At the same time, it delivers customer value—more fair prices, of course, but also personalized safe-driving insights, vehicle diagnostic codes, even the recovery of stolen vehicles.

This alignment was a big draw for Gina, and so was the opportunity to do some good for consumers.

“There’s definitely a fairness and equitability conversation going on in insurance right now. With our technology and insights, we’re already able to move away from traditional risk proxies, some of which can be unfair to consumers. What’s more fair than looking at how and how much you drive?”

An interest in telematics is not just professional for Gina, but personal, too. “I’ve been testing telematics data collection in my cars or phones since about 2005. My family knows when we get in the car the #1 priority is to stay safe. My oldest daughter not only corrects my driving but also never hesitates to yell out her window if she sees someone texting and driving. Safe driving has just become a part of our every day, so leading our telematics team is somewhat of a natural fit.”

And for Gina, as for so many drivers right now, working from home makes a per-mile policy an easy choice. “I don’t even drive that much—I can’t imagine having insurance that doesn’t reward me for that,” she says.

We asked Gina what the future holds for telematics in the insurance space. She says, “It’s awesome to see that Metromile has emerged with innovation in a space that’s been around for over a hundred years by creating a compelling and affordable pay-per-mile product that resonates with more and more drivers. I can’t wait to continue to push more innovation with telematics.”

Welcome, Gina. We’re thrilled to have your telematics expertise in-house, and excited for you to translate that to further savings for our customers.