Why Metromile Fits My New Lifestyle

We love hearing from our happy customers and wanted to share this note we recently received from Metromile customer Catherine New, who was searching for an affordable insurance after her cross-country move:

One big reason I left New York City to move to San Francisco is to be able to take my dog (an amazing three-legged rescue pup named Wayne) to the beach and other outdoorsy spots around the Bay on the weekends. Car-sharing just wasn’t going to work for hauling around a big, wet, sand-covered dog — so I bought a used 2004 Honda CR-V for $2,500.


I called my insurance company (actually two calls, since they had to call me back hours later with a quote) to find out what my rates would be — and it was about $100 a month at the minimum. More than I needed. Knowing that I probably wouldn’t drive more than 7,500 miles in a calendar year, I checked out Metromile. Based on my profile, the rate was significantly lower. Deal!

The UX and design were super simple and intuitive, and I was able to get my insurance instantly — printing out an insurance card from my computer. A few days later my Metromile Pulse arrived, which I plugged into my car. Now, I love getting automated updates from Metromile with street cleaning notices if I am parked on certain streets and watching my mileage and trip data through the app. I use automation and data-driven apps for everything else in my life, so it makes obvious sense to do it for my driving life too.

We are always happy to hear stories like Catherine’s, so if you have one to share, send us a note at [email protected] and you might find yourself in the spotlight as well!