Introducing our Values: Create Fiercely Loyal Customers

We recently spent some time at Metromile refreshing our values to make sure they were aligned with who we are, the work we’re doing, and the future we’re building. The end result? Five updated value statements that express how we operate and treat each other:

  • Create fiercely loyal customers.
  • Invent the future
  • Be intellectually persistent
  • Be outcome oriented
  • Nurture diversity, inclusion, and belonging

When we put our values in writing and commit to them, we’re saying something about what’s important to us as an organization, and what’s important to our stakeholders, customers, and employees.

The best way to introduce our values is to let Metromilers speak for themselves. After all, values don’t mean much without the people who believe in them.

Metromile Values: Create Fiercely Loyal Customers

Create Fiercely Loyal Customers

“My job is to understand people’s needs and wants, what would make their experiences easier or better. Creating fiercely loyal customers is very much what I’m working on,” said Brandie Smith, Senior Principal User Researcher. “I want to know how we can bridge business needs with user needs so that we’re not just focused on the company, but we’re also remembering that what we’re doing is in service of improving the customer experience.”

“Fiercely loyal” is a level of passion you wouldn’t normally associate with insurance, Customer Experience (CX) Manager Ti-Jael Stafford said. “We actually want to create customers who love our insurance,” she said. “We want the customers who’ll blog or tweet about how great an experience they have with us, that’s the kind of feeling we want to inspire.”

This commitment to customer experience runs deep at Metromile, and spans departments, Ti-Jael said.

“I moved from supporting customers on the phone, up to digital support, and I am now a manager with a team of CX agents. I have seen this value play out from all sides and angles.”

That customer-focused view goes beyond Metromilers who are directly engaging with customers.

“We are engineers who really care about customers and the product and the experience,” said Senior Software Engineer Prachi Shah. “We want the tools to be easy-to-use, and more than that, enjoyable to use. We also have a very focused team who takes customer feedback and acts on it right away.”

Whether it’s a byproduct or a main goal, the drive to create fiercely loyal customers has a payoff in company culture as well.

“I’ve always loved that we call it a Customer Experience (CX) department rather than a service department. We all have the same capabilities, so when you call, you get help with whatever you need; you don’t need to be transferred to a specialist,” Ti-Jael Stafford said.

“We’re not highly scripted. We’re all equally capable, and so we’re able to work together better. Even though CX can be at the bottom of the hierarchy at some companies, that’s not the case here. I’ve never felt like I didn’t have a voice. I think all our values—inventing the future and being intellectually persistent and being outcome oriented—these are the ways we’re going to make sure we create these fiercely loyal customers. The values really build up to support our number one value, the customer.”

We’re building a community of drivers who come to Metromile for the savings and stay for the experience. Our diverse team combines the best of Silicon Valley technologists with veterans from Fortune 500 insurers and financial services giants focused on using technology to reinvent insurance as a tool for financial resiliency.

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