Meet AVA, Our New AI Claims Assistant

Getting into an accident is never a pleasant experience, and the claims process can often be a struggle, too. But what if everything could be instantly taken care of without the need for tedious phone calls or damage inspection? That’s exactly what Metromile is aiming to do with the launch of our automated claims service.

AI claims

Introducing AVA, our new AI claims assistant who accurately verifies claims in seconds and quickly resolves them. Basically, she automates anything that doesn’t require a human touch. AVA will collect claims details to help you file, guide you through collecting damage photos and help get your payment issued as soon as possible. Soon, she’ll even be able to issue instant payment and schedule repairs, taking care of all the mundane things that can make the claims experience such a struggle.

If AVA isn’t a real person, how’d she get to be so smart? Behind the scenes, we have a team of data scientists utilizing machine learning capabilities and teaching AVA new skills that will expedite the claims process. AVA can also use opt-in sensor data from the Metromile Pulse device to reconstruct the accident scene, expediting the approval process. For certain claim types, this enables the claim to be instantly approved.

Of course, we still have our in-house team of claims professionals that are always available to help if needed. Since AVA helps automate tedious tasks, our adjusters can spend their valuable time speaking to customers and making sure everything is taken care of.

Not yet a Metromile customer but intrigued by AVA and our automated claims? Visit to learn more about our pay-per-mile insurance and get a quick quote. Ava also has an integrated tool which helps you find auto shops near you.