Welcome to Metromile’s New San Francisco Digs

We are finally all settled into our new San Francisco home and ready to show it off. Thanks to our friends at Geremia Design, we were able to transform an empty industrial space into a warm, open office with ample lounge areas and conference rooms. All with a Metromile touch to really make it our own!

New Metromile office
Photo: Cesar Rubio


Just like our customers, the majority of the SF Metromilers use public transit to get to work, so it was important to find a location convenient to multiple bus stops and train stations. And of course, it also needed to be easy to bike to. We were able to find a location that satisfied these requirements (bike racks and all!) and had a special surprise: a futuristic-looking facade that changes color at night.

New Metromile office

One of our goals at Metromile is to shake up the age-old insurance industry, so we wanted our interior office decor to reflect just that. This inspired us to include a few nods to old-school automobiles, but with a twist. We have a small antique car with a plant growing in it, a coffee table that doubles as a matchbox car display, a rearview mirror art installation and a conference room table that sits on car pistons.

New Metromile office

We wanted to tip our hat to our friends in the Tempe office, so we installed a large mural of a Route 66-esque road in the southwest. Other murals around the office invoke themes of travel, serving as reminders that Metromile is road trip friendly (our customers aren’t charged for driving over 250 miles each day) and motivation to get out on the open road. In other efforts to unite our fellow co-workers across the country, all of our offices (SF, Tempe and Boston) have conference rooms named after automobile influencers.

New Metromile office

One of the most important parts of the new office is the open kitchen that is large enough for the whole company to assemble in. No matter how big we grow, it’s always important that we can gather in one place to share and celebrate company successes. Or to start a friendly nerf-gun fight. During our office-warming party, it was a great place for guests to mingle with each other, and we expect to see many occasions like this in the future!

7 responses to “Welcome to Metromile’s New San Francisco Digs

  1. We’re trying to shake up the insurance industry also. WOULD love for a phone meeting with one of your leadership team rock stars.
    Congrats on your successes!
    Marti Ryan

  2. I am a Metromile customer and appreciate your affordable rates, customer service and the fact that your company has fun and are not a bunch of stiff shirts. The new office is somewhere I would think about working. Well done Metromile!

  3. Absolutely LOVE Metromile! I am 68 yrs. old and you people saved my bacon financially. I had been with Met Life the past 10 yrs and each year my insurance kept going up for no reason. I personally believe it had to do with my age, even though they claimed it didn’t. I’m retired and drive very little, so when I ran across Metromile I was intrigued. I throughly checked you out on the web, called and asked questions, and then signed up. You saved me $352.00 a year, and I try to refer Metromile to everyone I know. I am so happy I found you. THANK YOU PS. Love your new diggs, very cool….

  4. I have been a customer for 9 months now. I had a problem with my tracking device as well as a billing issue. Your company promptly and satisfactorily resolved those issues. Your employees are very personable and easy to work with. More companies should follow your example. After reviewing my monthly billing charges, I should save about $530 in one year. This helps so much when wages are stagnant. Thanks Metromile!

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