Stick with those New Year’s resolutions!

Happy New Year!

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably got a list of resolutions for 2015 already. Here are ways Metromile can help you on two of the most popular things people hope to achieve each year.


Let’s face it, exercise takes time:  planning when to go, packing your duffel bag with everything you need, traveling to and from the gym, and of course, working out! It doesn’t take much to craft excuses for why we stop participating in sports activities or hitting the gym. However, recent studies have shown that even short bursts of activity can go a long way. 

  • FIND OPPORTUNITIES. With the Metromile app, you can see all of your trips – short and long. If you’re noticing a pattern of short trips, maybe 5 miles or under, consider taking those opportunities to run or bike next time. You’ll not only give yourself the chance to squeeze in more cardio, but you’ll give Mother Nature a little break too.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY. Because you can label your trip endpoints in the app, why not create a label for “Gym”, “Bootcamp”, “Yoga”, or whatever physical activity you attend. Give yourself a goal to achieve a minimum number of trips per month, and hold yourself accountable! Maybe go a step further and obligate yourself to send the screenshot of monthly trips to a trainer or a friend who will champion your goals. 


Helping people save money when it comes to their cars is what fuels us here at Metromile! How do we help?

  • Save on maintenance costs
    • KNOW. Because we can decode your check engine lights, you can figure out what’s going on with your car’s health sooner and get issues addressed before they become more serious (and potentially more expensive).
    • LEARN. We have an on-staff mechanic who is ready to answer your maintenance questions! Just tap on “Ask our Mechanic” in the app (under Car Health) and you’ll be prompted to send a message via email right from your device. Arming yourself with knowledge about your car will equip you for those cost negotiations next time you bring your car in for service.
    • PREPARE. Running your gas tank close to empty could cost you in more ways than one. Keep tabs on your fuel levels with the app and try not to let the tank dip below 1/4 full.
  • Track tax-deductible trips
    • Categorize your work-related trips as Business with our app. This will make it easier come tax-time to identify expenses that can be included in your deductions.  
  • Save on insurance
    • Did you know that you can switch at any time? You don’t have to wait out your 6-month term if you want to change providers. Your payments can be pro-rated at whatever point you decide to transition.
    • If you’re not driving a ton of miles, per-mile insurance could be just the thing for you. Get a quote to see what you could be saving. If you’ve already been using the app, check out the in-app calculator that estimates your savings based on the miles you’ve driven.

Sticking to resolutions can be challenging, but we hope that the Metromile experience gives you tangible ways to start and maintain good habits throughout the year (and beyond)!