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Four Tips for Summer Road Trips

Summer is here, and adventure is calling your name. Whether you are celebrating 100 years of National Parks with a road trip to the Grand Canyon, heading to the beach to relax or driving to see your family, get to your destination easily with these trip tips.

summer road trip

Road trip ready: Make sure your car maintenance is up-to-date. You’ll want to check your tires (including your spare!) to ensure they look ready for a road trip – no bumps or bulges. You’ll also want to get an oil change if needed, and top off your washer fluid. If you have any concerns, swing by a mechanic who can give you the go-ahead for a road trip.

Survive & thrive: Pack your car with your favorite snacks, and throw in a car charger, extra keys, basic tools, and a first aid kit. Make sure you’ve got your license, registration, and insurance handy.

Let’s get digital: Arm your phone with these apps to make the most of your trip:

  • Airbnb: Find an apartment, cabin, or treehouse to stay in.
  • Roadtrippers: Locate unique roadside stops along your route.
  • Podcasts: Are you sick of listening to the top 50 on the radio? Tune into a podcast – you’ll be hooked!

Smart Car, Smart Trip: Metomile pay-per-mile insurance customers all have a smart car with the Metromile app. When on the road, the last thing you need to worry about is that pesky check engine light means. With Metromile, you can get a diagnosis of your car’s running condition, and if there are any issues, you can reach our in-house mechanic with the press of a button.

If you find yourself mostly using your car for road trips, you could benefit from Metromile pay-per-mile insurance. We even offer a road trip bonus! You won’t be charged for the miles you drive above 250 per day (150 in certain states). Get a free quote here. Safe travels!

Spring Break Road Trip Checklist


Spring break is getting closer and for many people, that means road trip! Road trips used to be a lot more DIY than they are now (remember paper maps!?) — Our cell phones have changed that. These days, the connected car is making driving, including long road trips, much easier and enjoyable but it’s still a luxury that many don’t have. Metromile, however, is on a mission to empower drivers by creating a more connected and informed driving experience by putting the right tools in drivers hands. 

As we approach Spring Break, especially with road trips in mind, Metromile offers benefits that will help take the guesswork out of car travel but there’s a few other must have’s for every road trip:

  • Your cell phone – make sure you can check in with family and friends on the road or have it handy in case of an emergency. Plus, there’s fun apps to help you find the cheapest gas in the area or keep up with your MPG, trip logs and car health with the Metromile app (and plugged in Pulse device)
  • A phone charger
  • Water – stay hydrated!
  • Roadside assistance You never know what could happen on the road. Make sure you have the number ready on who to call. Services like AAA are great to keep you protected on the road and Metromile insurance customers receive free roadside assistance no matter where they are on the road!
  • A second set of keys– give them to one of your passengers to hold onto in case you get locked out.
  • Change your oil before the trip and check tire pressure – it’s always important to check the basics of your car health before you head out on a road trip. Metromile users will always have access to their car health via the app and if there’s a problem, they’ll be alerted.
  • Bring insurance information – keep a copy of your insurance card in your glove box! Metromile insurance customers can always access a copy of their policy directly via their Metromile App so there’s less panic if there’s trouble.
  • A road emergency kit – It’s a good idea to throw in jumper cables, a gas can, road flares and the like just in case. It’s also not a bad idea to pack a medical emergency kit even if you find you just need an Advil or a Band-Aid.
  • Film for your camera

Enjoy the road and wherever it may take you!