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Car Insurance for Newlyweds: What to Do after the Vows

Bells are chiming, families are celebrating; it must be wedding season! If you’ll be exchanging vows in the coming months, there are a few things to consider aside from what to pack for your honeymoon. One of which is how to handle car insurance. The seemingly simple task might be a little more complicated than originally anticipated, so we’ve compiled a list to check off following your new union. Take it from Metromiler Lauren Hartung, who recently got hitched!

Car Insurance for Newlyweds

1. Moving in together after the wedding? Make sure to update your address on your driver’s license and car insurance (among everything else).

2. Changing your last name? Update your information with the DMV and your car insurance provider. You’ll likely need your marriage license to do this, and make sure you’ve already updated your name with the social security office for an official name change.

3. Married people get into fewer accidents than their unmarried counterparts. We combined our car insurance to one policy and saved money on our monthly premiums – plus, it was much more convenient to only pay one car insurance bill instead of two. We signed up for per-mile insurance when we moved to the city and it is saving us about $60/month!