The 8 Best Apps For Daily Driving

If you think your commute to work is long, you should talk to the 600,000 American citizens who commute 90 minutes and 50 miles to work on a regular basis. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 10.8 million Americans spend an hour or two everyday to make it to the office. The 8 best apps for daily driving can make that long commute less of a hassle. Take a look at some of our favorites, below…

    1. MetroMile: MetroMile keeps you mindful of your fuel usage and keys you in to the health of your engine. It can even locate your car if you forgot where you parked and send you automated street sweeping alerts. We think it’s pretty darn awesome. We are, however, rather biased. 😉 (FREE)
    2. Waze: Available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phones, this app utilizes the community knowledge of your fellow commuters. Users share road and traffic data, so you can know about that accident several miles ahead and adjust your route. Woo hoo! No more sitting in traffic! (FREE)
    3. ParkMe: If finding a decent parking space is your biggest concern, then this app can make sure that you can get the spot you want without the frustration of driving around the parking lot for 10 minutes. ParkMe knows the best spots in over 28,000 locations, 1,800 cities and 7 continents. (FREE)
    4. INRIX Traffic: Do you worry about accidents and delays on your way to work or school? This app lets you know where traffic is delayed on your standard route and whether the congestion is caused by an accident or by construction. You can also check out traffic cameras to see the traffic for yourself. (FREE)
    5. iGas Finder HD: As the price of fuel continues to rise, you’ll need to know where to find the best gas prices along your daily routes. It can find the closest gas stations within a 5 to 40 mile radius. You can also bookmark your favorite gas stations to find them more easily no matter where you’re driving. ($0.99)
    6. Trapster: Track speed traps, construction zones, traffic jams, and accidents with this app. It will warn you when you’re driving toward a speed trap so that you can ease on the gas pedal before you get there. (FREE)
    7. Accufuel: This app tracks your fuel efficiency. If you want to maximize your fuel, then the data provided from this app can help you save a lot of money. ($0.99)
    8. Greatest Drive GPS Road and Trip Finder: You don’t always need to know where you’re going. This app helps you find the best roads to take when you’re in an unfamiliar area. You can even “favorite” some of your roads and share them on Facebook! (FREE)