Bringing Insurance to Life with Brand Designer Angela

At Metromile, we pride ourselves on providing personalized and reliable auto insurance for low-mileage drivers. The design of our website and mobile app are integral to ensuring customers and prospects alike have a delightful experience no matter how they interact with us. We recently met with one of our designers, Angela L., to hear more about how she first got into design and helps bring the Metromile brand to life through visual design and imagery. 

Bringing Insurance to Life with Brand Designer Angela

You have a background in cognitive science, how did you end up working in design?

Ever since I was a toddler, I always loved to draw but it wasn’t until later when a friend introduced me to the world of digital art that I really started to get into design and illustration. When I went to college, I studied cognitive science, which focuses on the study of the human mind, but I still had a lingering interest in art. I met others who were actually pursuing a career in design and illustration, and I realized I could too. I ended up joining design clubs and surrounding myself with innovative and artistic students who pushed me to pursue a career in art and digital design once I graduated. My degree in cognitive science allowed me to blend my knowledge about the artistic process with my interest in psychology, which is why I felt like a career in design fit me well. 

How did you choose Metromile to start your design career?

After graduating in 2019 and doing contract work, I was searching for full-time design roles and was immediately captivated by Metromile’s existing illustration style and dynamic designs. I was particularly drawn in by how diversity and representation were shown through various illustrated personas where different skin colors, hairstyles, body sizes, and cultural practices were represented and celebrated – not just lightly alluded to. Metromile’s dedication to representing all types of customers in their imagery was a huge part of why I wanted to join the design team. 

On top of that, I felt the bright colors and playful illustrations fit my natural design style already, and I saw a breadth of opportunities to build upon the current designs while improving my own skills. Beyond fitting the job description, throughout the hiring process I loved talking with the recruiters and the team members I’d be working with and got a great sense of company culture and how I’d fit in with the broader Metromile team. 

What does your design work look like at Metromile?

When I first joined Metromile, a lot of my work focused on assuring our imagery was consistent with our values and overall personality across various platforms. I worked with everyone, from product designers to HR to internal communications, to help create and maintain a cohesive illustration style across every single one of our internal and external touchpoints.

Bringing Insurance to Life with Brand Designer Angela
Angela designs our quarterly customer newsletters, this illustration is from our Fall Extra Mile Newsletter.

As time went on, I realized that I loved helping out with the UX work, visual design, and even a little bit of the product design work. So with the help of my manager, I was able to take on projects that combined illustration and visual design. This allowed me to pursue my interests while honing my design skills. I recently contributed to a project by redesigning the visual experience of our Roadside Assistance flow in the Metromile app. It’s currently in production and I can’t wait to share it with our customers as it’s the first time I was able to utilize my design skills and be a part of the larger design process.

Bringing Insurance to Life with Brand Designer Angela
Angela’s work for our claims and liability coverage.

Since first joining Metromile, I’ve been able to advance my career and pursue my interests all while contributing to existing and engaging projects in real-time. For a company like Metromile, design is such a critical part of who we are and I’m incredibly grateful to contribute to and improve the customer experience. I’m thrilled to have found a position where I can utilize my knowledge in art, design, and cognitive science, and learn more about the product design space.