What To Do When Selling a Car in Arizona

If you live in Phoenix, Tucson or anywhere in Arizona and are working from home more, your car may be sitting around getting dusty. Maybe you’re ready to ditch the old car altogether or get something more environmentally friendly like an electric vehicle and are ready to sell. Going to a dealership is a safe option, but you could get even more money selling on the private market. If you want to go that route, here’s how to sell your car in Arizona.

How to Sell a Car in Arizona | Metromile

Step 1: Prepare to list your car 

Selling a car in AZ is easier than ever, thanks to the numerous options available to list your car. But before you figure out what to do when selling a car in Arizona, you need to do some prep work. 

The first step is to clean out your vehicle and take out your personal belongings (don’t forget the glove compartment!). Go the extra mile and vacuum your floor mats and go to a car wash to thoroughly clean your car. After the car is looking good, take detailed and comprehensive photos of your car to show prospective buyers. 

Also, make a note of the color, make, model, and anything else a prospective buyer should know, such as any scratches, stains, or potential issues. 

Step 2: Place a car listing on car marketplaces 

After prepping your car and taking photos, place a car listing on various car marketplaces to reach prospective buyers. You can upload your photos and write a thorough description and put listings on places like OfferUp, AutoTrader, Facebook Marketplace, and more. 

After hitting publish, be available to answer any questions and coordinate with people who want to come and see the car in person. 

Step 3: Provide a vehicle history report and inspection, if asked 

If you get a buyer who wants to meet up and see the car, you want to provide as much info as possible to close the deal. This can include a vehicle history report by CarFax, which outlines the car’s maintenance and accident history. Some buyers want to go a step further and get an inspection at a local body shop. If that’s the case, work with the buyer to set it up, though they will typically pay for it. 

Step 4: Get your title and vehicle documents ready 

As part of the selling process, get your vehicle documentation in order. This can include your proof of ownership document, such as the car’s title. Also include the owner’s manual if you still have it and any maintenance records as well. If you’ve lost your car title, you can get a replacement title using ​​AZ MVD Now and pay a $4 fee. 

Step 5: Collect payment and transfer the title to the new owner 

Once you get a serious buyer who wants to move forward, you can collect your cash and transfer the title to the new owner. 

As the seller, you need to sign the backside of the car’s title and have the signature notarized. You can also transfer the title online as well. Additionally, you’ll have to fill out an Odometer Disclosure if your vehicle is from 2011 to present. If your car is from 2010 or before, you’re exempt. 

To complete the sale, you should fill out the Arizona Bill of Sale form, which includes the VIN, sale date, and buyer and seller info. Make a copy, so you have it for your records as well. 

Step 6: Take off your license plate and fill out a vehicle sold notice 

Figuring out how to sell a car in Arizona may seem straightforward, but you don’t want to miss any steps in the process. Once you’ve sold your car, before handing it over, remove your license plate. 

You can contact the AZ MVD to transfer the plate to another vehicle or to get rid of them. To solidify the sale, fill out a vehicle sold notice on AZ MVD Now. This lets the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division know that you’ve sold the car and are no longer responsible for it. You can also request a registration credit within 30 days of the sale. 

The bottom line 

If you’re wondering what to do when selling a car in Arizona, now you have a guide on the next steps so you don’t have to go it alone. Figuring out how to sell a car in may be a process, but getting prepared ahead of time can make the process smoother. 

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Melanie Lockert is a freelance writer, podcast host of the Mental Health and Wealth show, and author of Dear Debt. She’s a cat mom to two jazzy cats, Miles and Thelonious, an amateur boxer, music lover, and needs coffee to function.