Introducing our Values: Nurture Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging

We spent the spring and early summer months at Metromile refreshing our values to make sure they were aligned with who we are, the work we’re doing, and the future we’re building. The end result? Five updated value statements that express how we operate and treat each other:

  • Create fiercely loyal customers.
  • Invent the future
  • Be intellectually persistent
  • Be outcome oriented
  • Nurture diversity, inclusion, and belonging

When we put our values in writing and commit to them, we’re saying something about what’s important to us as an organization, but also what’s important to our stakeholders, customers, and employees.

The best way to introduce our values is to let Metromilers speak for themselves. After all, values don’t mean much without the people who believe in them.

Metromile Values: Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Nurture Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

“I’ve never worked at a company that is so involved in making sure that there is equality across the board…that there are women represented in leadership, that there are other backgrounds represented in leadership.”

Megan Kurin is a Senior Process Manager at Metromile. She works with Enterprise customers  – often other insurers – who are interested in licensing Metromile’s technology. Megan works across a wide variety of departments and outside organizations, and is a self-described ‘insurance geek.’

“Metromilers really do look at people from the work product that they do versus who they are,” Megan said. “I think that’s really important, especially as a woman in the insurance industry, I feel like I can always belong. I feel like I could always speak up and have a voice.”  

For Brandie Smith, a Senior Principal User Researcher at Metromile, the belonging part of diversity, inclusion, and belonging stands out.

“The company found it so important to create environments where everyone feels like they belong. That to me is really important to commit to as a company value because if it’s not happening, we can point to that value and say, ‘it needs to happen.’”

Brandie also appreciates that everyone is held accountable for living our diversity, inclusion, and belonging value.“ Rather than leaving it up to one person to fight against it, we have this stake in the ground. It shows it’s important to us and we expect everybody to contribute.”

Having that stake in the ground is key, Megan said, not just as a company goal, but as a part of daily work.

“There are always groups that are driving more conversations about it. It’s easier because it’s just present every day. I don’t always have to be thinking, ‘okay, how do we get more women in leadership’? Or ‘how do we get more backgrounds in leadership’? We have a team that consistently works to make sure it stays that way and that we continue to get better and learn more.”

For Kailee Rackham-Wojtasek, a Customer Experience Trainer at Metromile, it’s clear that diversity, inclusion, and belonging are central to Metromile’s culture.

“We are a united front. I’ve worked at a lot of places which profess to have strong culture and values, but there is no company-wide alignment on those values. I never have any doubt that I can reach out to a Metromiler with my questions or curiosities.”

Metromile Recruiter Brigitte Garay agrees, saying “Because we understand the value that everyone brings regardless of age, race, sexual orientation etc., nurturing, diversity, inclusion, and belonging is who we are daily.”

“It’s literally in the fabric of being a Metromiler”

* * *

Thanks for sharing your perspective, Metromilers. Look out for more on the other four values.