Car Insurance for New Graduates

Graduation season is here, and a new group of millennials have traded in their backpacks for briefcases. With these new jobs comes a wave of financial freedom…and adult costs, like rent, groceries and car insurance.

student car insurance

If you are a new grad and wondering where to start shopping for car insurance, consider this when purchasing:

Look around: Don’t feel stuck to the insurance company your parents use. You can save a ton of money by making the switch to another company. Shop around using a site like See more on making the switch to a new insurance company here.

Consider your coverage: Do you need comprehensive and collision, or just liability? Are we speaking gibberish to you? Comprehensive coverage covers all incidents that aren’t considered “accidents” like weather or vandalism damage. Collision coverages covers your vehicle in the event of damage due to an accident. Liability insurance doesn’t cover your car, but covers damage to another person resulting in an accident you cause. Learn more about making the right coverage decision for you and your car here.

Consider per-mile insurance: If you have just moved to the big city and are primarily using your car for weekend trips or when you’re running late to work, consider pay-per-mile insurance. It will put you in control of how much you pay for car insurance. You’ll also turn you car into a smart car with our driving app – where you can check your bill, learn about your trips and driving trends, and even diagnose check engine lights. Interested? Get a free quote here.

Understand your purchase: Speak up if you have questions. Be sure to read your policy before signing up to understand how and what is covered, when your coverage begins, what your premium and deductibles are, and how to file a claim.

Congratulations to the class of 2016!